Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar: Day Five

The nail polish in my advent calendar today has really got me interested and even a little bit bewildered.

In the bottle I was convinced it was a brown that had dusty pink undertones too it and I was excited to try it on and see what it actually looked like against my hand. As I started to apply it though it came through much more strongly as a brown with ashy undertones. Within moments it went from warm toned to cool and no matter the lighting it stays appearing on the cooler side.


This is the sort of shade that I absolutely love. In clothes, in nails, in make-up and just about anything but.. not on me. This colour makes me nervous and especially on my hands with the ends of my fingers quite often being more on the red side.


I think that it looks better than I expected it to and it’s a good shade to use if I want to have something on my nails without them standing out too much but I’m just not convinced.

Much like the red one I received earlier in the calendar I applied two coats to my nails but one would have sufficed for opacity and to see how the formula lasts I haven’t applied a base or top coat this time around.

An update will come at the end of the month but I am yet to make my mind up on this colour. What do you think of it against my hand? Any suggestions on making it more me friendly?

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