Christmas Shopping and Planning

I’ve had so many great plans this year in my mind about what to get people, where to get it and sending anything off at the right time but none of them have really come together.

My tablets to help anxiety are also sedatives so I can only use them to go out for short periods of time without becoming super drowsy and useless. With that all my plans have basically gone out of the window and, at a time when everything is normally all done, dusted and prepared, I still haven’t started yet.

I know I need to get things soon to ensure they reach destinations and people in time but trying to find the motivation, Christmas spirit or enthusiasm is proving incredibly difficult.

There are 20 days until Christmas and the only thing that suggests Christmas in the flat is my advent calendar. There are no cards, no decorations or any festive candles burning to scent the room with cake, cookies or trees. We do have some mince pies but even they aren’t giving that little hug of Christmas. I’ve dug out some plates from last year that aren’t even just for Christmas and that was only to wave goodbye to some other old ones. It doesn’t feel like Christmas inside so leaving to go to town and get all excited about it is super difficult.

I need to get myself in gear and sort everything out soon so if anybody has any tips of where I can go online to get some unusual, nice but not too expensive things then let me know. And if anybody knows a good shop to go to for a pack of Christmas cards that aren’t way too overpriced and will not be jam packed like Card Factory then let me know because even on a quiet summer day that place gives me seriously nervy sweats.

Christmas is just stressing me out so much and trying to figure out the logistics and finances of everything is even more stressful than it ever has been before. Being an adult is tough most of the time but especially at this time of the year.

If you’re struggling to get into the spirit or yet to do the shopping then don’t worry you’re not alone and I too will be battling with the 5p carrier bags in a mad rush a few days before the last postal day.

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