Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar: Day Four

Today I found a pressed blush in my advent calendar! I’m not sure if I already have this in my Makeup Revolution blush palette or not but it is super pretty regardless.

The blush, called Treat, is a light peach with a slight note of shimmer inside but the glitter isn’t chunky or that noticable when brushed out onto the skin.


I’m no expert with blush but I do know that a heavy hand is not going to be good with such a light product and that I will need to pair this with specific make up to be able to pull it off.

As with most blushes though I think this would be able to be used as an eye shadow though I wouldn’t use it all over the lid but perhaps as a highlight for a really intense look where a white on the browbone might be too much of a contrast.


The swatch on my hand is after I have sheered the blush out and just from one gentle swipe of my finger over the buttery powder. It is as good a standard as I have come to expect from this brand and look forward to incorporating it into my collection and various looks on my face.

Tomorrow is quite clearly shaped as a nail varnish and I look forward to popping that window open but in the meantime I will admire the quality of this product and the way that it feels for such an affordable price.

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