Getting Festive

It seems to be ever so hard to get into the Festive spirit this year. Last year it felt as if town was missing that little something of Christmas sparkle but this year everywhere I go seems a little lack lustre and grim.

Partly I am probably struggling to get excited because the cost of Christmas is constantly hanging around the back of my mind and I still have shopping to do (I haven’t even started and I’m normally done and wrapped by this time of year).

One solution would be to put some Christmas music on but motivating myself to do that when I would much rather hibernate until the New Year is practically impossible.

We are also looking into moving before Christmas and that means there is no point in putting up the decorations just to have to take them down in a hurry amd try squeeze them back into the box. It can’t be just me that struggles with getting the tree to compact itself back into the box it came from?

Christmas is so fun as a child and something from a dream but as you get older it becomes more obvious that there are a lot of issues that can pop up around the festive time. There are some adults I know that absolutely adore Christmas but they have spare income and can lavish themselves and others in gifts without falling into a pit of no return when their bank statement comes around. And the other adults that enjoy it are those with children around them and they get excited because they know and remember what it means to the child.

People often mock at the Scrooge for hating things Christmas related but it is actually a fair reflection of how a lot of people feel. There are many that are alone and isolated all year, forgotten about and unloved but then expected to be happy, sociable and giving because it’s December.

The way society and people respond to celebrating Christmas is a really interesting one and from what I’ve seen it has become more polarised over recent years between consumerism and appreciating the people and things we already have in our lives.

Christmas is a very difficult time of year for so many people in so many different ways but I hope that the weeks ahead are managable and that you are able to keep seeing the light at the end of the tunnel: it’s nearly 365 days until it all happens again.

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