Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar: Day Three

At last on the third day I have been gifted a product from the advent calendar gods that has the name on the label!

I’m not sure whether I was more excited about getting a gorgeous and sparkly baked highlighter or being able to tell people the name of the product. Either way on opening up the door I got pretty giddy.


I’ve never tried a highlighter from Makeup Revolution, though I have dabbled in the blushes so knew roughly what to expect, but on first impressions after swatching this, called Pink Lights, it is super pigmented, incredibly shimmery and stays on the applied to area.

Whilst appearing more purple when pressed into the packaging this highlighter comes off on the skin, or my skin at least, as more of a pink when applied dry but certainly carries more obvious purple tones when done wet.


You don’t need a lot of the product for it to pack a punch either. One swipe of my finger on the product picked up so much that the first time I swatched it I managed to take the product all the way around my hand and palm. Because of that it will be difficult to apply lightly and build but it’s always better to look like a glittery unicorn anyway.. right?!

I’m loving this calendar so far and it’s certainly proving value for money. Now just to stare at it and wait impatiently for tomorrow to come around to open up another door.

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