Dust & Dance Glitter Pots

So recently an amazing company called Dust&Dance launched and they were giving away free pots of glitter and I was lucky enough to get one sent to me in the post.

Firstly, I am genuinely in love with the company not just because they are all about sparkly and glittery goodness but because they are donating 10% of every sale to the charity Young Minds. If you follow my blog or know me in personal life you probably know that charities like this one are very close to my heart.

Getting a little pot of glitter is such a silly and fun thing but it makes it feel like you are getting something whilst doing good at the same time and on the run up to Christmas and party season who doesn’t need a bit more glitter and sparkle to be part of their outfit?


My pot of glitter was a purple, green and gold combination with strands, stars and circles and it really is super shiny. I decided to put some vaseline on my eyelid and just under my eye and did a bit of a dramatic triangle with it.


Dust&Dance glitter pots are also a lot cheaper than some high street stores and these ones do good with 10% of the money rather than it being all sent to some tax haven loophole.

It’s a piece of fun and they have a motto that revolves around feeling good on the inside helps you sparkle on the outside. If you’re the sort of person that likes to do a little bit of good but get something out of it as well then this might be a good thing for you or simply if you want some glitz&glam than go to Dust&Dance and see what they have on offer.

Whilst they sent me this product for free there was no expectation for me to review the product or promote the company. This is my honest opinion and I’m promoting it because I believe it in and the cause they are supporting. During Christmas and ‘happy’ festive times it can be extra difficult to lift yourself out of a gloomy state so for me being able to throw a bit of glitter on it’s like a false smile that helps everybody else have a good time.. if you’re struggling this festive season seek help or call an anonymous helpline to talk things through because the sadness in us can seem much more noticable with excited festive faces around.

Much love, Danielle

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