Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar: Day Two

The second day of this delightful black and gold advent calendar delivered a delightful lipstick.

I absolutely love Makeup Revolution lipsticks because the formula is so good, creamy and enjoyable to wear. They last well on my lips and the colour doesn’t tend to run off my lips or into lines and unwanted places.


Again, much like the nail varnish of yesterdays door, because the product is inside the advent calendar they seem to have forgotten to include the shade on the label. I’m used to getting an individual lipstick where the shade is on the barcode sticker and whilst this is obviously not needed on something inside a calendar it is extremely frustrating. Perhaps this is something they could reconsider if they were to do a similar thing in the future.

To start with I was concerned this shade would not work well on my lips but after application and it had rested against my lip colour it worked well and was just a good brownish natural nude and super enjoyable to wear. Paired with a bright or bold eye look this lipstick will work super well and is great for an everyday look too.

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