Product Empties: November 2015

Welcome back to another one of my product empties and review posts. As mentioned last month I’m on a mission to use a few older products up but this month there are a few things that I really like to use coming to an end too. If I’ve already given something a review I’ll just give it a quick sum up, if I intend to buy it again and post the link to the previous post.

Oral B Pro Expert Sensitive + Gentle Whitening Toothpaste


So I know I’m starting on a bit of an odd one with toothpaste but as we are all super keen on noting whether a lip product makes our teeth look whiter or more yellow I thought it made sense to give it a mention.

It’s a well known and respected brand of toothpaste and it’s probably one of the products I take most seriously on a daily basis. I don’t feel this does gently whiten but it does make them feel good, strong, clean and fresh from morning to evening.

I actually have a few issues with a couple of other brands of toothpaste and there’s an ingredient inside them that tends to make me feel quite ill or worse even be ill (which makes brushing teeth for a clean mouth afterwards quite a challenge). This one doesn’t give me any of those issues and whilst I don’t have sensitive teeth these issues are the reason I go for pastes like this as they feel a little less harsh and alarming.

I love this toothpaste and I’d love to buy it again but because of financial restraints I’m stuck using the worst tasting toothpaste, from Lidl, that does nothing to leave the mouth feeling clean. If anybody sees a cracking toothpaste like this on offer somewhere then let me know so I can get all over it and stock up because it’s normally £3.49.

Superdrug Extra Strength Pro Care Mouthwash


I thought I’d stick with mouth products and get the boring stuff out of the way first. I could probably easily live without this product if my lovely toothpaste hadn’t come to an end just days before. But mouthwash, even the more basic brands, seems to be getting more and more expensive and I just can’t justify it.

The taste of this product in the mouth isn’t too fantastic (but then are any mouthwashes that nice?) but compared to the new toothpaste I have to deal with this is like a minty bouquet of perfection. It does work super well and you can feel it working on this bits that are more difficult to reach with a brush and it really helps to give that fresh mouth feeling at the end.

I often don’t drink enough water through the day so I end up with a dry mouth so it often feels horrible in the evening and this really helps. I’m massively trying to increase the amount of water I drink so it improves my mouth, skin and general health but it’s surprisingly difficult to do!
At full price this is £2.49 but it’s often discounted or on offer. It works super well and I would really recommend this to anybody seeking a mouthwash and a fairly cheap and long lasting one.

Garnier Mineral InvisiCalm


Firstly, I know I included an anti-perspirant in my last empty product post but both of them were half used already. I have not used two whole cans of spray in two months, don’t worry I’m not that bad!

This one claims to be 48 hour lasting, not leave marks on dark clothing and also be good to use after shaving the underarms. All of those combined seem to be pretty strong claims and make this sound like an amazing product.

It certainly doesn’t leave marks on clothes which is great when on the odd occassion I’ve been in too much of a rush to let it settle before putting a top on and it doesn’t seem harsh on the underarms after shaving either unlike some that can cause a little sting or tingle this one feels moisturising (but without the wetness obviously).

Regards to it lasting 48 hours though there are several things to consider. One of those is what the company imagines somebody doing to get it to last and remain effective for that long? Perhaps they are in a cold room not moving for that time period. But even then who needs it to last for such a large amount if time. What they really mean is ‘this should get you through the day and if you’re really lucky you wont wake up stinking of BO’. I don’t do a lot on most days but by the end of the day this is pretty much wearing off and I certainly couldn’t imagine going another 24+ hours without needing to wash or reapply.

I still have another of these left and intend to finish using it. It doesn’t disagree with my skin, the smell of the product itself is very subtle and it does the job in hand. I imagine I got this when it was two for one or buy one get one half price as this is usually £2.99 and it doesn’t stand out from its competitors quite enough to convince me to pay that every time.

Radox Bubble Bath


It was only in October I posted about my Radox bubble bath haul but now all that lovely bubble creating liquid is gone.

I absolutely love all of these scents of bubbles and find them to be so great at doing what they claim. I’m an absolute bath addict but hate to spend loads of money on products that will go down the plug hole in an hour or so. I’d absolutely buy all of these again in the future but at the minute they’re on the wish list of things I’ll buy if a money tree pops up in my lounge one morning.

Fearne Hand Wash


I got this floral scented handwash a couple of years ago in a giftset for what I imagine was Christmas but I’ve not really had a reason to use it as I often have anti-bac instant drying stuff in my bag if I’m out and about.

But as mentioned I’m trying to use up loads of small things I have hanging around and cluttering up the place and this was one of them. Partly I ended up using it to make our actual good handwash last longer so we could avoid buying more for an extra week or something.

I started to use this when we started to run low on the one that has anti-bac properties so my partner could use that for longer and not stress about us running out quite so quickly and needing to dash to the shop to get some. He works in a high school so is surrounded by enough germs and things as it is without me throwing a floral but useless handwash at him.

Basically I risked my own health from germs and bugs to keep his handwash going longer and to help save a bit of money. It didn’t make sense to buy something when I could just use up this little tube. It smells lovely and feels so soft and creamy but is very much a floral and more feminine scent.

The product isn’t available anymore but I have found one on ebay which shows the amazing tin that it comes in (which I still have and use). So that’s one less product to be cluttering the place up with even if it wasn’t the most hygenic around.

Skin So Soft Signature Silk Hand Cream


I got this product a couple of years ago and it’s from Avon and works really well. It’s one of their better selling hand cream products and appeals to people of all different ages because of the qualities it claims to have.

It says it is replenishing and also that is has skin illuminators. It being replenishing, hydrating and feeling full of moisture is what anybody expects from a hand cream so that’s a bit of a blank claim. The fact it contains skin illuminators really confuses me because I didn’t know people wanted to go around with slightly shimmery hands? That idea has skipped right past me and as long as the cream does its job I really am not fussed as to whether it shimmers or not.

There is no specific scent labelled and whilst there is an aroma that comes from the product it is very subtle and comes across as just being the smell of the product itself making it great for having in your bag and being able to offer to anybody around you (despite what the pink packaging may make some people think).

I’m glad that I decided to use this one up though as because of the age of the product it did start to get a little more difficult to work with and there was always a layer of oil left over the skin when the rest of the product had soaked in. This never used to be there so I know it’s just where the product was left to sit around a while and got older than recommended.

For a 21 year old I think I have really dry hands and that is again because of the amount of water I do (or rather don’t drink) but also thing that causes my heart condition means I like a certain gene and signs of aging are more likely to occur younger (lucky me!!) and I feel my hands are one of the first things to be suffering. So I use a lot of hand cream on a daily basis and you’ll probably find me going through what seems like an incredible amount every month or two.

I’m about to start a new hand cream (my only remaining tube so I have no idea what I’m going to do after that is all gone..) and think I am going to fall head over heels for it. This one was okay and if somebody offered me some I wouldn’t turn it down but it isn’t as moisturising and long lasting as I tend to want and need from a hamd cream.

The Body Shop Anti-dandruff Ginger Shampoo and The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture Conditioner



I keep saying to myself, whilst watching declutter videos on Youtube, that I’m glad I am not one of those people that use half a product and then go onto something else. But one weekend I went into the cupboard where I keep my products and realised these were sitting in there with just one use left inside. So just a few days after that horrible realisation I used them both up together and added them to the stack of empties.

I really like the ginger one and enjoy the smell as it reminds me of adding ginger and spices to a Christmas cake mix and then the smell of the cake whilst it is in the oven. It is super soft to lather up and out of all The Body Shop shampoo I’ve tried the one where a small amount goes the furthest.

Like a lot of shampoos that claim to help with dry skin and dandruff I find they only work for a short amount of time before the natural oils and products of the hair altered. But combined with the Rainforest Moisture conditioner that aims to help dry and damaged hair I did notice a difference with the feel and softness of the scalp and hair. I find them to be really good as a one off fix but I can’t use them both together every few days as it just leaves my hair and scalp feeling and looking greasy. If you want The Body Shop hair products I would recommend the banana ones for regular use.

I remember a hairdresser a while ago explaining that a lot of shampoo is made up in a way that results in your hair relying upon it and if you switch to something else it can seem to make the problem worse and make you think you can only use that one product but if you give it time a balance will be struck again so I tend to switch up my shampoo and conditioner quite often. I do have both of these as back up products though (so I’m on a shampoo and conditioner ban for quite some time).

Vintage Collection Rose Body Cream


I used the hand cream that came in a set with this product up last month. I absolutely love my The Body Shop body butters but I feel bad using them and leaving older products to sit on the sidelines so was determined to work on using up body creams such as this one first.

Unlike the handcream, produced for Boots under the Heathcote and Ivory brand, this product is just pure rose and doesn’t contain anything delightful like shea butter. It isn’t however as strong as some rose related products tend to be and this is a suitable subtle smell to be put across larger areas of the body.

I wouldn’t say this particularly helped with making my legs, where I mainly use body cream type products, feel soft, smooth or moisturised but it doesn’t go around shouting about those being selling points for this product. It sinks into the skin quite well and doesn’t leave any stickiness or forcing users to keep their pj bottoms rolled up for what feels like hours whilst it dries.

The smell of this product is pleasant and the texture and feel isn’t completely unappealing it really doesn’t do anything that would be wanted for a body cream and I wouldn’t personally recommend the purchasing of this one unless you just like to apply a simple product for that glam feeling.

Sprite Lipsmacker


As the cold well and truly kicked in through the month of November I practically became best pals with my Sprite Lipsmacker. I selected to try and use this one up as it was probably one of the oldest products that I had hanging around.

Using it at every chance meant the tangy tube quickly decreased in size. It really did smell so much like Sprite and was enjoyable to use. I have such a backlog of lipcare to work through but this wasn’t awful and I would consider purchasing it and some of its other drink flavoured pals in the future.

It does leave a slight whiteness to the lips so I wouldn’t use this one when going outside and would use one that applied clear or with a pink/red tint.

Lindt Lindor Assorted Box


I’m so bad when surrounded by chocolate and sweet things and really struggle to resist the tempting calls they makes to me. Especially when they are so tasty! I was given these as a cute little gift by my partners mum a few weeks ago and because I haven’t really had anything other than essential food and the odd chocolate biscuit my eyes really lit up.

I suddenly had chocolate and not just the cheapest chocolate available in Lidl but actual nice and luxury feeling chocolate. They did actually last longer than I expected them to and I savoured each and every one of them. Since having such things became a lot more rare I appreciate them so much more and take the time to consider the smell, taste, texture and so on rather than just eating them.

But now they are all gone. The hazelnut ones were probably my least favourite in the box. I didn’t dislike them but I’d rather have a purple quality street or ferrero rocher if I am going to brave my mild hazelnut allergy. The dark ones were really good for me to have when I had a sudden craving for something sweet because the richness was enough to give that fix and me just stop at one rather than carrying on mindlessly. The classic milk chocolate ones were great and melted the best in the mouth but the white chocolate ones were just perfect. I love white chocolate and white chocolate buttons but these are just like the grown up and sophisticated version of those and that makes me so happy and feels as if they are giving me a big hug.

I’m hoping I get a little chocolate or seeet thing at Christmas that I can inhale and nibble at for the following weeks to take my mind off the sad reality of not being able to purchase such simple delights myself.

Charbonnel and Walker 70% Chocolate Drink


I bought this for last Christmas to be able to have a real treat on those cold evenings with the tree lights twinkling. So I can’t be too sad about it finally coming to an end because I made it last for such a long time.

It was however one of the best hot chocolates I have ever made. The real chocolate kick without it being too sweet and it smelling like you just walked past a chocolate shop. Because of its richness (in both the chocolate and financial sense) this isn’t something I would drink on a regular basis but in the future I would certainly consider buying it again.

For those recent cold days and nights when tea just wouldn’t do this was a real saviour by warming me up, curbed my chocolate craving and helped soothe my mood.

2 thoughts on “Product Empties: November 2015

  1. Great post – I love how thorough you are. Re mouthwash – my hygienist says it is the work of the devil and I Am Not To Use It Ever. So don’t feel bad if you can’t afford to replace it.


    • Ow that’s really interesting. I’m guessing because it just moves any bad stuff around the mouth?
      Thanks for the nice comment too. I try to give a little insight into everything because I think it makes it more interesting and worthwhile to read (and also I can refer back to a post to recall my thoughts on a product if I’m tempted by an offer etc) x


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