Nail Polish: November 2015

The last month has seen some real hits and misses regards to nail varnish. Some colours I have loved and others formulas have left me sighing and frustrated. Where my bottles are stored means that as the weather gets colder so do they and the formula seems to become a little more difficult and sticky so I need to remember to give them a little cuddle before using them.

I spent most of the month doing my nails to make them look less bare but I didn’t really have any events or need to do them specifically. I find doing my nails to generally be relaxing and I like to make time to do them in a fairly regular basis.

Seche Beige


I haven’t used a Seche product before and based on this one I am not likely to run out and find any others. This was the first polish I tried to use during November and it was just extremely difficult to work with. Getting it to apply evenly seemed impossible, it struggled to dry and the colour really didn’t wow me. I don’t know the brands name for this colour but calling it beige seems accurate enough from how it appeared on my nails. This product will be given another go but, as I hated it the first time so much that I took it off within about an hour of application, if my disliking persists it will get passed along.

Collection Fast Dry in Wham


So after the failure of the Seche one I decided to apply a fast dry polish by Collection in Wham (number 27). A simple grey that has a light textured formula and does dry fairly quickly. I have encountered quicker drying products but this wasn’t bad and allowed for an additional coat to be added quickly and effectively. I found this shade to be really enjoyable to wear and especially because it seemed so easy to apply. It didn’t last for that long on the nails but I think that is because my base and top coat are getting a bit on the older side.

Blue Toned Color Club Sparkle


So like last month I decided to try out one of the unclearly named or numbered Color Club polishes. This one has a slight blue undertone but sparkles just as delightfully. I really like the Color Club formulation and I’m loving this line of sparkling, almost holographic, polishes as they are easy to apply and layer up. They do take a while to dry so it does mean being careful for a while after applying as they can seem touch dry but easily smudge if caught on something for what seems like an age afterwards.

Barry M’s Instant Nail Effects Foil


I believe this instant nail effects by Barry M is in the shade foil and the name really represents the colour well. I actually really like this shade and enjoyed wearing it despite it not being as dark a grey or silver as is currently being loved in the fashion world. It really did look like foil and somewhat felt like it too as application was able to be thin and simply done. Barry M is one of the brands that I have never struggled to work with and this applies again here as the product went on well and then lasted a long time on the nail as well. It tends to stay within the nail lines better than some others and therefore doesn’t need as much cleaning or touching up when application is complete.

Topshop’s Everybody Get Up


I felt like throwing all the autumn and winter rules out the window on the day I put this colour on my nails. Despite it being a much more spring and summer pastel shade, especially with the little white bits added in, it was really calling out to me. I haven’t used any of the Topshop polishes I own and was curious about the formula and application of them. I don’t hold Topshop that highly in my opinions but this product applied easily, allowed for good layering and didn’t take too long to dry. It was quite difficult to remove any extra from the skin around my nail as it seemed to cling to all the other product and meant the odd bit came off my nail as well.

So there we have it. My five polishes of the month. The Barry M foil one was a success whilst the Seche was a failure and the others didn’t knock my socks off. Apart from the Seche one I will certainly wear them all again in the future but they are unlikely to become a repetitive favourite.

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