Decluttering life and the mind

As mentioned a couple of posts ago my partner and I are starting the process of moving flats. With that it seemed a great time to declutter and sort through everything.

With my partner working during the week I have a lot of time and space to myself to look through things, spread everything out and decide what is what.

We have always discussed how many books we have and people often joke about us buying yet more. But I divided the books up into his and mine and went through all the ones that I own. There are msny academic ones that I am unlikely to ever read or reference again and there are novels that once interested me or bored me that should no longer sit around. I’m getting rid of a huge box of books and I feel so much less guilty knowing they will not just be sitting around when somebody else could use them or appreciate them.

I had gone through our plates and cups recently but on digging out the Christmas decorations I realised we have a set of four plates that do not need to be specifically for Christmas and there are only so many plates two people can need. So we are saying goodbye to about six plates and keeping half a dozen. They are the sort of thing that we both had several of when we lived seperately and we got given a few more. On moving in we thought they would be useful but in reality they just take up room and gather dust.

Clothes are going left, right and centre and after getting through a shameful backlog of required washing I was surprised by how much I had. I already got rid of a lot of clothes and seriously compacted my wardrobe down but I had way too many worn down socks so they all went bye bye as well.

And I think I needed to do a lot of sorting for quite a while. It really has helped my mind to feel less cluttered and for me to see what I do actually own. But without the thought of moving in the back of mind I’m not sure I would have actually motivated myself to go through things.

My partner likes to hang on to things but if the item is mine and he can’t prove he really wants to keep it or will use it then it’s going to have to go. We’re likely to go from a two bedroom flat to a one bedroom flat so we’re going to have even less storage space and options than we do now and I want to move somewhere where we can be organised and it can look how I want it to.

I’m writing this not because I think you will find it super interesting but because I want to encourage you to sort through things whether you need to or not. Take time to see what you have, appreciate it, consider if you need it or use it and just organise it all. Knowing what I have and where it is really has helped my mind to feel calmer about things and reminded me of a few items.

There are rules and recommendations out there but do it however works best for you. Of course it can make things a bit messier to start with but overall it will really help to tidy up a room and make you able to use any space you have much better.

For me, as for most people, moving is such a stressful time so being able to make it a bit easier to pack things up and unpack them will hopefully take a little bit of that stess away and make the whole process of unpacking feel a bit less daunting!

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