Carex Handwash

So these fun edition handwashes by Carex have been around for a while now but I love them for different seasons.


We just finished off the bubblegum one and that was so sweet that it really fitted in for the Halloween and autumnal season. It being bright blue sort of put me off to begin with but if there is any bubble spray it doesn’t stain the tiles or anything which is perfect. There are cheaper handwashes out there but these are generally £1 or on some sort of offer. They are great for their anti-bacterial qualities and of course if you have any children (we don’t) they can be used to encourage handwashing.


So as the bubblegum was used up we started on the chocolate orange one and it is actually incredible. It completely smells like a Terry’s chocolate orange and with that it makes me think of Christmas and treats. It is sweet but the orange is really warming and comforting which makes it great for the winter evening. I might need to find a candle that smells just as good as this handwash does

They have a few others in the collection as well and strawberry laces works super well for the spring. For summer the scent of refreshing and sweet cola bottles really hits the spot. for autumn and winter the two mentioned above work fantastically and smell so good. They are a great way to bring a scent of the seasons to the air and there really is one for every season making it great for variety without getting bored of the same one.

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