Discover Me… by La Senza Purse Spray

This was the first sort of perfume I ever bought for myself and now I just hold onto it with great sentimental value but that means it gets to round off this perfume review series. I hope you enjoyed the series! If you want to read the original details and the first review you can find it here.

Discover Me… By La Senza (Purse Spray)


This little spray has almost certainly gone out of date and lost its way after so many years of cold winters and warm summers of just sitting around. I remember getting this with money after a Christmas or a birthday when I was about 15 so this poor tube has sat around in my life for about six years which is actually so shameful.

I remember it as being such an attractive, soft and sensual taste. It had that real sense of flirty and fun and whenever I put it on I would jokingly go around my room doing ‘seductive’ poses. The teenage days, how I don’t miss them!

It’s described on Amazon as La Senza’s 2009 scent and as:

a feminine fragrance which will enchant and seduce you. It combines sweet notes of Raspberry, Blackberry and Mandarin, surrounded with floral nuances of White Jasmine and Vibrant Rose.

And just reading the description floods back so many memories of the aroma of this scent. I wish it was still available so I could buy another small version to see if it is just how I remember or if my mind is playing tricks on me because of wanting to put it on a pedestal.

It felt like such a grown up scent and I wish I had made more use of it at the time but I guess I didn’t appreciate perfume as much then as I should have done and the intended audience of this particular one.

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