Declutter: Perfume 2015

So now my perfume review series has come to an end I thought it made sense to throw out or give away ones that I am not going to use.

My partner and I are in the process of thinking about moving and with that it seems to make sense to sort through everything, declutter and just figure out what we actually have (the answer: way too much).



The first one I’m saying goodbye to is the DKNY original Be Delicious. The bottle is empty but I can’t keep hold of it because of the memories it holds. It has to go.

The second one that has to go in the bin is the La Senza Discover Me… purse spray because it has simply gone off and it clearly isn’t good or safe for anybody to use anymore. I wish I had appreciated this more at the time but there doesn’t seem to be too much in there so I don’t feel super bad about it.

Pass Along?

I really don’t know anybody who would want three of the four perfumes that I want to get rid of and I struggle to imagine them being bought by a random person on the internet. I might try to donate them somewhere but not sure where in London would take half used perfumes so if you have any tips then let me know.

The first is Avon’s Rare Diamonds as I just really do not get along with this perfume at all and cannot imagine ever using it.

The second is So…? Kiss Me and I have just seriously outgrown this scent and have ones that are far better. This one is also starting to age and I’m not sure how much more life it has left in it.

Next is Avon’s Instinct and as mentioned in the initial review I just do not like the aroma it gives or the bottle. I have hardly ever used this and with the perfumes I am keeping in my collection I cannot imagine that ever changing.

Finally I am going to get rid of Gucci Guilty in the purse spray because I find it to be too heavy and it gives me a headache. As I’m not short of perfume I’m sure this could be appreciated by somebody else much better.

Next Steps

After I considered doing project pan recently I decided I should at least focus on one thing or a smaller number of items for a while.

Therefore I am going to focus on using up the rest of Diamond Rose because it is past the halfway point in the bottle and therefore there is a lot less than initially looks. Also I find the bottle to be slightly annoying when light hits it because it makes it look plastic and cheap and that just frustrates me when I see it on my dressing table.

Of course there will be days that I choose to wear a different perfume but on an averagr day that is the one I will be focussing on and hopefully I can include it in an empties post in the first couple of months of 2016!

Also as much as I like perfume and having variety I am not going to buy anymore or specifically ask for any others. Should I be gifted them they will naturally be gratefully accepted but I shall not personally be making an attempt to expand the collection.

As I’ve got older I’ve started to learn more about what aromas and finishes I like and at the beginning I obviously didn’t so appreciate that as I carry on going through new stages of life my preferences might change.

I’ll probably go back through my scents again at the end of summer and if there are any I really haven’t reached for then get rid of a couple more because there is no need to have them collecting dust for the sake of them looking good!

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