Kiss Me by So…? 30ml

I really shouldn’t still have this bottle but as I do it’s here for another perfume review series post. If you want to read the original details and the first review you can find it here.

Kiss Me by So…? (30ml)


It looks cheap and mass produced with no thought or care put into the packaging or product. It smells cheap and feels like it hasn’t had any love or care put into it. This is for the most unsophisticated and for those that have no clue between good and bad perfume.

I imagine there was once a time when I liked it and would spray it around thinking I was the bees knees but now it just has a faint smell of something but I am unable to detect what on earth it is supposed to be. According to Boots, where it is available for a tiny amount of money, the perfume has:

fresh blackcurrant, pineapple & citron before revealing layers of kissably sweet vanilla and a floral heart rounded by musks and woods.

I certainly would not call it fresh, fruity, sweet or musky. They are barely there and do not come through at all. Perhaps there is the mildest hint of vanilla in the aroma but only if you breath in incredibly hard to get it to enter the nose.

This is a great perfume to get a young person that loves the idea of perfume but is too young to pull off or appreciate more sophisticated, matured and strong distinct scents. It has a place in the world but that place is not with somebody of my age or with somebody that has ‘proper’ perfumes on their shelves.

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