Gucci Guilty Black Purse Spray

It’s another perfume review series today and as well as moving to cheaper ones I’m including my purse sprays. If you want to read the original details and the first review you can find it here.

Gucci Guilty Black Purse Spray


I ended up with this little purse spray whilst cleaning out some drawers at one of the places I worked and asking if it belonged to anybody. The agreement was nobody recognised it and I might as well have it seen as it was in my drawer so without much persuasion I agreed. It was probably about three-quarters full at the time so it was going to be a great way to figure out if I like the scent and have a back up in my bag.

The bottle is surprisingly heavy and sturdy and as a result this actually contains less product than either of the other two. It helps to keep the product cool and protected whilst looking fancy but it does seem a bit of a let down to get less of an already small amount of fragrance.

I’m actually really pleased I don’t have a full size version of this scent as I find the bottles look really unpleasing and it would be so out of place amongst my collection of others. The full size is available at Boots and described as a way to:

Indulge your burning desires

It is supposed to be an ‘oriental floral’ fragrance overall and only five ingredients are mentioned throughout all of the sections of notes so you would expect them to be quite distinctive and easy to identify.

But it just smells of perfume to me. It reminds me of walking into a perfume shop or section of a store where people are spraying different scents all over the place and they are swamping the air. It feels very much like a confused scent that is super heavy on the nose and even just giving this a quick smell leaves me with a headache. I don’t think anybody wants to indulge in their burning desires if they have a scent-induced headache.

I find this to be a super disappointing scent and am amazed and horrified to see that 30ml is nearly £50 when there are so many better ones available for the same or less. This perfume gets by because of the brand name associated with it but I find it to be so utterly unenjoyable and far from sophisticated. The packaging of this purse spray is clunky and the full size doesn’t scream desire either.

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