Bargain Buys

Despite my desires to use things up and not become a hoarder a couldn’t resist getting these couple of products to fall through the letterbox earlier in the week.

But now I am on a complete spending ban however good the ‘bargain’ is because ultimately I can’t afford to collect things however ‘cheap’ it seems compared to what it should be.

I absolutely adore drugstore brands and am really looking to understand make-up more and have increased variety. The make up revolution blush palette looks so pretty and full of variety so I was excited to get it, see how pigmented it was, how much shimmer there was and if there was any that could be used as a highlighter or for another purpose. I recently came into possession of cream blush but thought it would be good to have some powder blush to use too.


Also the chance to get another mellow eyeshadow palette, from MUA, that can be used for everyday looks and a variety of styles was a real tempter. I know I have a massive palette that I can use for this but that isn’t very travel friendly and I don’t have anything else similar to use on the go should that be needed.


A lot of the blushes and eyeshadows seem to have a bit of sparkle but the glitter doesn’t feel chunky or noticable on the skin. Some of the shimmer in the blushes isn’t that noticable when taken from the pan and applied on the face which is good for making them more usable for everyday but less useful for those special occasions. There are a few matte eyeshadow shades meaning this whole palette can be used for a complete eye look.

I really look forward to working with these and they seem up to the same standards as other products that I own from both of these brands and think that they will really add to my make-up looks and provide some additional and exciting variety. As these are my last purchases I intend to make for quite some time I imagine I am making them much greater in my mind and much more worthwhile but as they cost £5 including postage I can feel a little less guilty.

Are you on a spending ban? How do you avoid buying hyped up products or bargains you spot?

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