Luck by Avon 50ml

Today it’s another edition of my perfume review series. I’m starting to move more towards cheaper perfumes now but I hope you still find these posts interesting. If you want to read the original details and the first review you can find it here.

Luck by Avon (50ml)


It’s so rare for me to have a product by Avon that is still available on the website when I check it out. Especially for writing reviews like this, in the run up to Christmas, they might be useful for somebody. I got this as a gift a couple of years back from Avon and it was a gift set that included the body spray and body lotion as well.

I use the spray when I’m not going out as it smells good (but I wouldn’t use it with either of the other products as that would be overload) but isn’t effective in any way. I haven’t broken the seal on the lotion so am unable to review that for you but it will get mentioned in an empties post one day.

Avon are very minimal with description saying Luck is:

Addictive, indulgent and luxurious!

Sparkling citrus and luscious berries blend with creamy white florals and warm sandalwood.

There’s nothing like trying to inspire people to buy the product or be attracted by their favourite ingredient. I would love to know what the citrus fruits are or which white flowers are meant to be represented inside. It feels a little like they are disrespecting the product and the user by not mentioning the ingredients no matter how ‘dull’ or ‘simple’ they may be.

This settles on the skin as a very fruity fragrance with an afternote of sandalwood but the floral element is completely lost and doesn’t even make a second long appearance.

From smelling it I would say there is a hint of grapefruit but companies usually mention it if included because it’s something people and certain products and medication can react to. From a distance it actually comes across as a very sweet scent and like a caramel sauce that is just warming up.

The bottle looks great and I really like the quilted texture of the glass itself. The lid looks a bit cheap and is a little bit of a let down, especially when you have to give it a really hefty push and pull to lift it up or put it back on, but it does add an extra little something rather than it just being a small plain cap.

It is overall very gentle and is certainly an enjoyable scent that I can see a variety of age groups and perfume category lovers liking. It doesn’t have the longest lifespan when put into the skin and especially not if rubbed against clothing but for the price it is this is certainly an affordable and good option.

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