Si Lolita by Lolita Lempika 50ml

Today is another of my perfume review series. If you missed the original post and details you can find them here.

Si Lolita by Lolita Lempika (50ml)


I absolutely love the shape of this bottle and find the detailing on it to be amazing. It’s so nice for a perfume that is fairly serious and grown-up not to be thrown in a really sophisticated and straight-laced bottle. The bottle certainly sticks to Lolita Lempicka’s traditional fairytale design roots and each leaf/petal is supposed to represent a woman’s heart and her beauty. Like some of the other ones I own I got this one during a sale in Harrods and it came in a really cute box with a body lotion.


I haven’t opened the body lotion, it still has the seal on, as I’m working my way through various others so I aren’t sure how that smells compared to the perfume but if it smells half as good then it’s still going to be a winner in my eyes.

This set is £49.50 on Perfume Shopping and is described on Amazon as being:

announced as feminine, subtle and ethereal.Si Lolita is a fragrance of happiness and elixir of love, touch and gentleness, created of oriental-floral rhythms strengthened with spicy accords, bergamot, mandarin, pink pepper, sweet peas, elemi, patchouli, Tonka and amber.

This is my second most precious scent and I use it with great care and precision. It makes me feel very feminine and the product just gives that uplifting tone to the heart. It is most certainly, as suggested, a day time scent so I only use this in limited circumstances but I really want to find more reasons to spray it upon myself.

The spicy accords are certainly very noticable at the beginning but they combine most noticably to me with the mandarin and they remind me of a sweet product like Haribo but a little more sophisticated. It’s such a great level of fun fruitiness with a more matured spicy and floral scent that I can only appreciate it now I have aged and become a little more wise.

If this scent was put in front of most teenagers I don’t think they would be too pleased at the strength and spices involved in the mixture. It takes a nose more used to scents and various types to appreciate this and only now can I fully appreciate it.

Whenever I put this perfume on I put my nose near to it throughout the day and just breath in the aroma. I wish there was a candle that had the same smell as this because if there was my bedroom would constantly find this scent swirling around the room. It is just utterly gorgeous and brilliant. I’m in love with this (although keeping the bottle dust free is a challenge).

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