Pondering “Project Pan”

So loads of people in the beauty blogging and youtube community seem to do “project pan” to encourage them to use up older products, stop things going bad, to declutter their collection, to be able to do a proper review on something or for hundreds of other reasons.

I’ve mentioned several times in the past how I am torn between growing a collection of items and also wanting to be minimal in my approach. Ultimately I want more stuff, nice stuff, who doesn’t want that if they can? But for me to feel okay about that I have to get rid of or use up stuff that I’m less keen on. However my hoarding and frugal nature screams at me saying I can’t just throw something in the trash because it isn’t the best or it’s getting a bit old and that I have to make it work somehow.

So in my mind I feel project pan is something that would work for me and my mindset but I don’t actually have that many products and finishing things just makes that number smaller and my options feel more limited. For somebody that has ten palettes of similar natural shades them focussing on using one doesn’t mean they will miss it afterwards and now I have my massive 144 eyeshadow set by Makeup Revolution when I finish something I will have a similar choice in there. But I end up with such an emotional attachment to things.

As mentioned during my October empties post I’m trying to use up odds and ends of skincare, haircare and other creams that need using or I aren’t super keen on. That battle is still underway this month and will probably continue for another month or two as everytime I finish something another item seems to pop out of the woodwork. If body creams can reproduce and have babies then I’m pretty sure that’s what is happening.

But in my mind I also want to finish a w7 nude eyeshadow quad. It isn’t my oldest eyeshadow set but it is one of the oldest and as I’ve started to hit pan on it they seem extra powdery and involve more building up to get any colour pay off at all. But now I am so close to finishing it I really don’t want to concede defeat. I’ve basically grabbed it everyday that I have put eye make products on in the last week or two but it is tiring and getting super boring. Finishing it and getting it out of the way would be great but should I write it down and force myself to use it so often?

I also have way too many lipcare products and I am trying to use my Sprite lipsmacker up by the end of the year. I love the smell of the product and how it feels once applied but this is getting pretty old and at the end of the year it really needs to go in the bin so being able to toss it away empty would be fantastic. But is that the sort of thing I should include in this sort of project pan list or is it too run of the mill?

There are a couple of other things I’m interested in using but I just don’t know if I should write it all down with my reasons or if I’m not at a stage where that is something I need to do. If you do this sort of thing or have any advice I would be interested to read your comments!

2 thoughts on “Pondering “Project Pan”

  1. I am quite a bit older than you (really, sort of middle aged now) so I have no idea whether this is helpful. When I was younger, I had LOADS of make up – the only MAC counter in the UK was at Harvey Nichols and I would collect stuff from there, Clinique (new at the time) and Shu Umuera.

    As I’ve got older, I still buy nice stuff but far less – I know (for instance) that mascara irritates me so I don’t buy it. Also, dark eye shadow in crazy shades? It just doesn’t get worn.

    My rule really is just that stuff now has to get used up before I can buy more. I do change what I wear sometimes – I’ll go to Space NK and get them to sell me things so I don’t look EXACTLY as though I’m from the early nineties.

    Only stuff I hoard is nail varnish – and that I’m trying to work through so I have a bit less.


    • I have far too many nail varnishes – I have two bright yellows. Who ever needs two bright yellows?!?
      Ah I love Harvey Nichols but avoid it with my life to save my bank balance and I’ve forced myself to only hover next to a MAC shop and never go inside.
      I just get so excited sometimes and go on a massive splurge and end up with too much stuff (especially around Christmas and my birthday).
      I have less make-up than a lot of people I know but I don’t really have storage room for it and struggle to not feel guilty about hoarding.
      Arg my mind is torn and struggles as I want to try new things and be up-to-date but at the same time don’t want to have a collection that lasts more than my lifetime.
      I guess you have the advantage of knowing what suits and works for you and your skin etc. Maybe it’s acceptable to have too much the younger we are?


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