Daisy (eau so fresh) by Marc Jacobs 75ml

Today it’s yet another part of my perfume review series. If you want to find out why I’m doing it or relive it from the beginning and catch up you can find it here.

Daisy (Eau so Fresh) by Marc Jacobs (75ml)


A brand as well known as Marc Jacobs is widely available and they are quickly able to expand on their range of products available. There are several available in this range and amazing flexible plastic bottle toppers have become a fun and stand out signature for Marc Jacobs perfumes. This one is available at Boots but if I remember correctly my bright pink flower top may have been a limited edition when I got it. The fragrance is:

a bright, floral, fruity fragrance. It radiates with a sunny and sparkling energy.
Playful with a whimiscal spirit, this version of the original daisy scent radiates with crisp raspberry, sensuous wild rose, and deep and warm plum. Sophisticated but not too serious, daisy eau so fresh captures the vintage flavor of marc jacobs’ feminine, edgy designs.

This perfume is so delicate and soft to the nose that you really have to focus on the aromas to pick them up properly. Whilst it claims to be sophisticated but not too serious it comes across as a very sophisticated perfume to me where the most fun element is the bottle and lid design.

Perhaps they mean not too serious in terms of it not hitting you straight between the eyes as the rose is the most noticable scent in the bottle but it feels like you are walking on the other side of a walled in rose garden. It really doesn’t overwhelm at all and is far from that old lady flowery pong.

If you put your nose right up against your skin you are able to detect the raspberry and plum but again they are so incredibly delicate. This is why I really like the perfume and I enjoy being able to spray it as a pick me up and really gentle scent without making everybody turn as I walk past them and send their lungs into a coughing fit.

It feels very sophisticated and grown up and is just enjoyable to breath in. Because of how subtle I find it to be it doesn’t have the longest wear time. Perhaps I just do not spray a lot on but I find if a perfume requires more than a few squirts to be noticable then they haven’t concentrated the formula down enough to provide true enjoyment for their customers.

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