New Products!

I’m so excited to be able to do this blog post and it’s all thanks to this amazing girl. She’s my partners sister and is such an expert with make-up (seriously I’m jealous of her abilities to understand it and make practically everything work for her!). But at the weekend she sent my partner back with a few items that she though I might be interested in and could enjoy playing around with.

100% saying I can play around with this stuff is accurate. It includes blushes and I don’t know if I’ve ever owned a blush or had one on my face so it’s going to be me entering a whole new realm of make-up and finally stepping into the brave grown up world of making my face look good (seriously as I type this I have deep dark circles under my eyes and then small puffy bags too. If I smile.. well.. let’s say I shouldn’t smile today and I really need to jump in head first to the stuff that will help me tackle that).

Ted Baker glitters


These are little pots of joy. I absolutely love purple and know how to make it work on my eyes so am super excited to be able to apply a cream base and work with the two purples one. When I swatched the white one I looked at what was left on my finger and thought it could maybe be a highlighter. Woah Danielle slow right down right now because you know nothing about highlighters. Just put it down and apply it to the eyes. But the white is such a pearly white with hints of pink in and it is just super pretty and could easily be used in the middle of the eyelid to give some additional pop. But remind me to never swatch it on the bed with a white sheet on the bottom because I got a drop of it on there and then tried to blend it away and managed to make it worse (oopps – at least it’s a pretty glittery mess!).

MUA Cream Blushes



From left to right in the product images: MUA Blush Perfection cream blusher in Blossom, Yummy, Scrummy, Bittersweet and Lush. The stick blush is a Collection Speedy Blush in Pinch me.

As mentioned above I’ve never really got involved with blush so I’m going to have to practise this on days where I don’t have to leave the house so I can look like a clown in my own home until I understand how much I need to apply and which shades suit me and at what time of year. The texture of them feels really good and from the swatches they seem to be super pigmented. I didn’t try to blend them out too much but I can’t imagine a cream product being that difficult to work with?

But actually I am really looking forward to getting stuck in with them and making my face look a little more alive. If you use these a lot and have any tips or tricks for what works best with them then feel free to comment below.

Lip Products


This lip products all feel a little more within my comfort zone. The lipstick on the right by in the shade Coral Blush is perhaps a little more bold than I would usually attempt but it isn’t too wild that it sends me running for the hills.

Then in from the left:

Maybelline Super Stay 14hr lipstick in Beige For Good (610). I love this shade and the amount of darkness works fairly well on my lips. I think it might work best when I have a bit of a tan but it isn’t overwhelming for the winter and adds a nice bit of colour to counteract the pale naturalness of the cold.

Collection Cream Puff in Powder Puff 2 (matte finish). The name and appearance of this product initially confused me as it gives off a pretty strong vibe of concealer but applying the product to the lips I find it to be a really nice neutral and warm shade. It also smells incredible and on wearing it I might have to refrain from gobbling it all up.

Barry M Extreme Lip Colour Loud Mouth in Tell-Tale. The texture of this product really surprised me as I thought it might be quite gloopy where it seems to be quite thick but actually it is really soft and creamy. If I apply the product thin enough so it isn’t streaky the shade works well for me but if I do it thickly to be ‘loud’ it really drowns me out. I think I can make this work a little more with the right choice of lip pencil and gloss. It smells amazing and I really really love it.

Priming and Prepping


The little tube of primer is Number 17 Photo Flawless Skin Primer. It’s a clear primer that is supposed to help minimise pours. I have really bad and noticable pours and have my entire life so being able to wear this without or without foundation is great. I tried it out today on just my nose. I wasn’t leaving the house and wanted to see how my skin reacted to it. My pores looked smaller and my skin seemed smoother too. This is a godsend that might rescue me on those really awful days!

Mac Prep and Prime Fix+ in the scent yuzu. We discussed this the last time we seen each other and as everybody and their dog knows fix+ is amazing stuff and the scented ones all smell so great. I’ll use this with great care and pride and savour every single moment that it works wonders for my skin and my make-up.

What’s the best product you’ve ever been given from a friend or family member?

*happy dances off*

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