Goodies In The Mail

I absolutely love getting things from the postman and sent to me via the mail. I find going shopping in person to be really stressful, sometimes awkward and so often massively disappointing. It also stops me from spending stacks of money that I don’t have if I can see the total in the cart rather than having to remember as I walk around a shop and adding that to the last shops total.

I was really excited for the delivery today though and kept tracking the order to see when it would arrive and was ready to pounce on the frontdoor the minute the doorbell went.


So until Tuesday just gone Superdrug had the Makeup Revolution advent calendar for £25 as part of their weekly specials. My partner agreed to get me it as an early Christmas present and it’s going to be so much fun opening it every morning and getting something way more excited than a half melted (and in our flats case) damp tiny chocolate.


I like how when it is closed it looks to be a standard sized advent but from the side or when opened it is super bulky. It also came in a hard plastic covering which has extra details on what’s inside and I’ll be keeping it in that until December for a little added protection.

Inside it does have six lipsticks and some lipglosses and as I already have a few from this brand I am worried I might end up with more than one but I love the ones I have so ending with more of them will not be the end of the world.


Despite my fears I couldn’t resist the three for two offer they have going on and the free delivery on offer to me so I got three fairly daring products by my standards.


But as I know I love the brands and the formulations of these styles of lipstick I decided to give them a try. For me it is much more about building personal confidence and not caring what other people think (as long as I’m happy who cares) and braving shades like these is a massive step for me personally.


I’ve done a little business on Depop before but I’m normally pretty careful and sometimes too wary to get some of the things I want. But I’ve got some stuff off this one person before and she had some great deals on her page so I ended up with a little collection.


So I got four lovely nail varnishes and will probably use the sparkly blue leading up to Christmas and then the others in spring/summer but I tend to just go with whatever shade I want despite the seasons so we’ll see what happens there.

I also got a balmi lip care product because I have wanted one of these for so long and I love the name of the brand because when said out loud it pretty much perfectly reflects me. It smells amazing and feels really good on the lips too. I know I have way too many lip care products but I just couldn’t help myself.


Included in the bundle there was also two Zuii lipstick products. I haven’t heard of these brand before but they feel creamy and apply easily. They are also pretty well pigmented but don’t send me running to the hills with the shade that I end up seeing on the mirror.


They are just really pretty shades and I think they will be good for me to wear over the next couple of months. The orange red one is a good balance between the two colours and doesn’t work negatively against my skin tone (which a lot of oranges tend to) and the red isn’t too bright to make my teeth look yellow or stained.

So not that much stuff came in the mail but it all excited me quite a lot and I really cannot wait to get stuck into my advent calendar and see what delights I have. There are also some products in there I rarely use so perhaps it will encourage me to take my make-up routine a bit more seriously.

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