DKNY Be Delicious Red 50ml

I started a perfume review series recently and today it’s another edition. If you want to read the original details and the first review you can find it here.

DKNY Be Delicious Red (50ml)


As I’ve already reviewed one DKNY perfume in my first blog of the series so I thought I’d stick with it and do another one of them that’s in my collection. And like the original this was bought for me as a gift by my partner (it became an easy option for him).

This perfume in cheaper than the original and claims to be:

a daring, irresistable floral oriental fragrance. It opens with a glittering Lychee Champagne Cocktail mixed with Crisp Apple accord. The middle notes shimmer with velvety Rose, while in the base notes red Raspberry flirtatiously mingles with Amber. The result is a sultry experience that is tempting, sexy and delicious.

In the initial whiff of fragrance the lychee champagne cocktail comes across a lot more than the apple tones and feels quite soft and gentle on the nose. For a perfume that revolves around apple being unable to detect it is a bit of a surprise and perhaps concerns me a little.

The scent of rose and amber comes through quite strongly throughout and leaves this perfume as more of floral perfume than a fruity one. The rose is perhaps a bit strong and overwhelms the other ingredients. It makes me feel like I have a more mature scent on rather than something that screams youth.

Raspberry does come through slightly but not very strongly and the tart fruit battles against the rose tones and loses in the end. It is noticable a bit and really helps to stop the rose from being totally overwhelming.

I find this perfume to be a lot less fruity, despite its claims, but is more vibrant and refreshing. It lasts a lot better on the skin and the aroma itself is enjoyable to me but a few of the scents do get lost along the way. It’s a perfume I feel I can use in more sophisticated situations but it isn’t one I run to and I can only spray very small amounts of it without feeling like I work in a florists.

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