This Material Culture Challenge

Recently This Material Culture contacted me on twitter and said they would love for me to get involved in a competition they have going on. I’ve browsed their website several times in the past and always fallen in love with so many pieces.

They are based in Liverpool and do bangles, necklaces, earrings and rings that are suitable for everybody from the fairytale and fashionable to the iconic and quirky. And what’s better is they are super affordable compared to some of their competition on the market. Take a browse at their website and you’ll adore them just as much as I do.

It’s the sort of site where if I had the money I would probably end up buying one of everything (apart from the earrings because I can’t have my ears pierced for medical reasons). It reminds me of an indy store I used to go into when I was younger but it closed as rent costs spiralled in its location.

The challenge is to select five items from their collection and say who you would give them to at Christmas. Selecting items proved to be super difficult because I kept mumbling to myself that this would be good for this person but so would that. Think I could choose several items for most people I know!

Deathly Hallows Bangle


This bangle costs £10 but involves such careful work on the production. With lots of tiny black, silver and blue/green beads it is clear how this looks so ‘magical’.

I have a cousin that absolutely adores everything Harry Potter and if I could I’d 100% get her this. I ummed and ahhed between this and the necklace but this seems much more friendly for everyday wear regardless of the outfit choice.

Owl Necklace


This little owl looks so incredibly cute and costs £5. I love the detailing on the owl with the texture to make it look feathery and the little eyelashes it seems to have.

My Granny absolutely loves owls and has for years and years. She always wears unusual and bold pieces and I think this would fit right into her collection. Owls obviously symbolise wisdom and intelligence as well and that certainly applies to my Granny so I think this would really be the perfect piece for her.

Pizza Necklace


This pizza necklace would be highly desired by several people I know and it’s a delightful £6. I love that the texture on top isn’t too defined to being pepperoni or tomato so this can be given to somebody whatever type of pizza they adore.

I have so many amazing friends through Twitter that are so incredibly supportive, encouraging and caring that I would love to be able to give something back to some of them. I think if I got this I would have to pull names out of a hat for to decide on the receiver because otherwise I could have just listed this one item five times over. It’s so stunning and I even want one for myself.

Scissors Necklace


This elegant looking scissors necklace comes in at a snip of £7. The detailing on the scissors looks so pretty and sophisticated whilst being a fun and quirky idea.

I have a cousin that has done hairdressing for several years now and I know that she loves to go out and get dressed up so I think this would be great. It’s the sort of thing that would go well against a black hairdressing top or really add a quirky touch to an outfit on a nightout.

They also have a similar one that has smaller scissors and is more for a sewing lover, also £7, that my mum would love but I’m not sure if she’d wear it so I’m keeping that off the official list.

Traveler Necklace


This necklace has a plane, a globe and a little blue crystal and is one of their more expensive pieces at £15. As the name mentions it would be great for somebody that wants to go travelling or is a bit of a globetrotter.

I’d get this for my friend that is due to get back from months of travelling around Asia at the very start of December. Coming back to the UK in December will be a cold, damp and grey experience and after spending months on other places, seeing new things and meeting great people comint back will be a bit of a crash down to earth so I’d love to give them this as a welcome back gift.

A Few Others

So many products grabbed my attention and I feel they deserve a mention too.

I would absolutely love to get this £5 football necklace for myself because it woule remind me of all the football journalism things I achieved before my mental health ruined everything.

The £3.50 bumblebee ring looks super fun and cute. I know several people that adore bees and I think they would absolutely adore something like this as a little pick-me-up gift that, even if they didn’t wear it often, could sit on the side looking awesome.

I hope I’ve inspired you to take a look at their website and maybe got you thinking about what you could get friends and family as a gift for Christmas or perhaps an upcoming birthday or event. I’m even more in love with the site now than I already was!

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