DKNY Be Delicious 50ml

After mentioning that I have a bit of a hoarding habit regards to perfumes I realised doing a series on them might be a fun idea and unlike my lipstick series more useful to people considering a perfume purchase. But I was also inspired to do this after seeing loads of people discussing their perfumes and favourite scents on youtube.

Figuring out which one to start with was actually a super hard task. Part of me wanted to give you class, luxury and excitement whilst the other part was screaming for an order related to when purchased or how much I’ve used up. In the end the order is generally going to relate to usage but I might throw the odd cheaper brand or more negative review in amongst the good ones to stop me looking like a real moaner by the end of the series.

Perfume is one of the things I’ve always loved and desired. As everybody else was trying out foundation and blush I was deciding which perfume to put on. Of course over the years my taste and sense of smell have changed dramatically and what was good for high school me would just make me cringe now.

It’s also one of those things that I ignore the ‘best before’ dates on because it’s a product that you can tell pretty easily if it has gone off. You don’t need to have the greatest nose to spot a change in your scent or the greatest understanding of colour to see when it goes from one shade to another. These changes normally become noticable enough that you should stop using it before it poses damage to your skin.

I’ll be linking to this post throughout the series so if you see me reminding you about why I’m doing it and so on it’ll bring you here so if you’re a regular reader try remember there’s no need to click. If you’re a passer-by it’d be super cool if you could stick around and maybe even follow whilst here. If you have any questions at any point then feel free to chime up and I’ll do my best to provide a full and useful answer. Unlike my lipstick series I’m probably not going to give each of the perfumes a ranking as they can change in my opinions far too much based on the season, my mood and the purpose they are needed for.

DKNY Be Delicious (50ml)


Firstly, I’ll admit I am overly in love with this perfume as it’s one of the first things my partner got for me. I believe it was for our first Christmas, so we were together at that point for 10 months, and he got me this. I’m not sure if he was trying to tell me that I stink and he didn’t like my current choice or whether he just liked it and believed it would be equally loved in my heart. Anyway that was five and a half years ago and whilst this bottle has sat empty for over a year (maybe even two) it’s just one I can never ever consider getting rid of because of what it means to me.

I also used to adore the packaging so much as all my other ones were in very standard and simple looking bottles and this had a fun twist on looking like what inspired it. But it is super difficult to keep clean and not scratch which is a massive downside to trying to have it on display.

According to the description provided by Boots this fragrance:

opens with crisp and edgy top notes including American Apple, crisp Green Cucumber and sparkling Grapefruit. The middle notes are sweet and sinful with Magnolia, Tuberose, White Muguet, Rose and Violet. In the base, Sandalwood and White Amber round out the scent with an innocent and sexy appeal.

It certainly smells fruity and fresh to me. The apple and grapefruit really come through, although until I read the description I couldn’t put my finger on it specifically being grapefruit I just knew it was a citrus scent, and the cucumber is there for that cooling aroma to stop it from being an overpowering initial whiff.

I never really picked up on the floral tones in the middle of the perfume but this could just be that I have a really poor quality nose (and therefore I apologise in advance if my descriptions are ever a bit useless) or that the original smells stuck around in my nostrils too well to appreciate the lighter and more floral notes.

The sandalwood certainly comes through right at the end and with the apple is the main smell that seems to cling to the skin throughout the day. I love the smell of sandalwood, I can certainly understand why it is used in so many perfumes as a woody tone or as a a base scent, but I can’t really pick up on anything interupting it so I’m not sure how strong the white amber is supposed to be in this mixture.

It’s certainly a very fruity perfume and has elements of sweetness that 16 year old me well and truly adored but I can’t imagine going out as a 21 year old and buying this perfume. I still love, and I mean LOVEEEE, sweet scented perfumes but I’ve moved away from the fruity ones a bit.

This one reminds me, looking back now, of the fruity scented sticky lipglosses that used to be all the rage at one point in my childhood and them just being a bit overbearing for daily subtle use but I do remember loving wearing it in the summer and having that vibrant feel provided by so maby fruity perfumes. Sadly the nice scent doesn’t tend to last that long and it quickly goes from fruity to flat and leaves you with a little whiff of something; a bit like a soggy apple pie. I’ll always like it and I can see why it works for people but for me at the present this love affair is on a break.

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