Recent eye make-up

I’ve recently got back into doing my make-up a lot more than I had bothered with for ages. I’m still basically just a big fan of eye make-up and lipstick and rarely go beyond that but that’s where I feel comfortable, can put in limited effort and do it without much fear of going wrong and ruining everything.

Being basically broke and therefore having limited money for resources and the make-up itself none of the products I use are particularly exciting or different but I manage to work with them in a way that suits me.

I’m thinking about reviewing all these items in more depth and doing proper swatches and so on so comment below if that’s something you’d be interested in. If you want to see these looks on the day they happen and how I mix things up then be sure to follow me on instagram.






As you can see from all of these I have some staple go to products including Makeup Revolution’s Focus and Fix eye primer and Rimmel’s x10 Volume Flash mascara but everything else gets mixed up a bit.

As I mentioned these are hardly the most exciting or wild looks but if you want to start seeing them more indepth or for me to review and discuss items in detail then just let me know and I’d happily start doing it (I might start even if not a single person comments but I’m always more keen to do what others want).

May your mascara be bold and your eyeliner on point.

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