Hair Cutting Fear

I feel everybody that has had a bad experience at the hairdressers is going to understand where I’m coming from here and even if you haven’t it’s possibly a thought that pops into your head as you sit down in the hairdressers chair.

So often we know what we want or at least have an image in our mind thanks to a loved celeb or a flick through a hair magazine but knowing if it will actually suit us, our hair colour, the eye shade we have or even the shape of our face is something completely different.

Going into a hairdressers and pointing at images and explaining they very rarely question what you want because ‘the customer is always right’. But this is one of those industries where the customer can be right and can demand whatever they want but having the hairdresser raise a good point isn’t going to upset them so much that they storm out. Most people would rather a little intervention and look amazing than get what they want and their hair become a disaster zone.

Partly this is needing a good hairdreseer that has confidence in their judgement and ability in their work to say what they think or any issues that they may face and going for a training or recently qualified member of staff means that sometimes they’re still trying to figure it all out and that’s okay. But if they have made their way up through the ranks in a salon or through training then you expect them to know what they’re talking about.

I’ve had some really mixed experiences over the years and can sometimes come out close to tears and other times doing a little dance down the street. My best hairdressers have explained things as they have done it, checked and double checked things and also made suggestions whilst the worst have just gone in and got scissor obsessed.

It seems I am fairly lucky with my hair as many hairdressers struggle to believe I go nearly two years without a haircut. Split ends start to surface but they generally think it represents more an eight week gap. And with that it means I can avoid the risk of it going wrong quite as often as it used to do when I was growing up but it does mean my fringe grows out and styling it becomes a nightmare.

But ultimately I’m so scared of them putting the wrong length layers in or cutting it too short or not doing the fringe I want that I avoid the hairdressers for as long as possible. Besides going to a good one with a trusted reputation isn’t the cheapest afternoon out!

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