My Friends Are Amazing: Part Two

After getting my The Body Shop gifts from a friend on Thursday I was really overwhelmed. Then Friday morning another thing came in the post and I was again bewildered as it didn’t feel like any of the samples I might have ordered.

Opening it up I found two lipsticks. The first a Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in number 42 (I already own a 37 and absolutely love these products) and a Mac Satin Myth. A different friend had decided the Chanel didn’t suit them and they were bored of the Myth one or had a similar shade and they decided to send me them!


Again I was left blown away by my friends and how much they think of me and try to look after me by giving me a bit of an emotional lift here and there. Naturally I absolutely love them and I’m so excited to wear them at some point and try a few looks out with them.


The Chanel one is a little brighter than what I am perhaps used to but applies just as amazingly and smoothingly as my first one and so very creamy. The Mac one is perhaps a bit more nude to what I’m used to but I think I can make it work in certain situations with certain looks but I can understand from this one why so many people pair a Mac lipstick with a lip pencil of some sort but the colour is a good one.


Eekk my friends are just utterly fabulous and I am so grateful to have friends like them in my life. I never ever thought that people would consider me for this sort of thing let alone do it from a truly friendly and nice place in their heart.

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