Aveeno Moisturising Cream

Recently I spotted it was possible to get a free sample of an Aveeno Cream through their website for whatever skintype you defined yourself as. I went for the moisturising one that claimed to be good for dry or eczema prone skin thinking it sounded ideal for my super dry elbows and legs during this harsher weather.


I really struggle with samples of cream that come in sachets. They’re just difficult to open and get the product out as effectively as you want. So we were already on bad terms at this point. It mentions being wheat and oat based so once I had got into the product I was surprised that it didn’t seem to have any odour or aroma to it which disturbed me slightly as I expected it to be like porridge or one of those warm-up wheat bags you can get.

On squeezing it out I found the colour was a beige, as the ingredients listed would make you expect, but as it was to be rubbed into the skin itself that didn’t concern me too much. The texture of the product on the fingers felt lightly creamy but it wasn’t thick and I was unsure that a cream that felt so thin could be as moisturising and usual in that intense way dry skin needs it to be.


On application itself the cream goes onto the skin super well and doesn’t go running off or melting away. It does though sink into the skin really quickly and dries so fast. As I put it onto my elbows I realised that perhaps it was just because they needed the moisture so much but then I remembered I applied it after getting out the bath and they had no reason to be dry. It went onto my legs really well but didn’t give that hydrating or moisturising feel as I was doing it but it’s one of those products that the end result is ultimately what matters.

But within about five minutes of putting the product on, giving up trying to get any more product out of the sachet I brushed my hand over my elbows and the whole area felt like it had the moisture sucked out of it. My elbows felt worse after applying a cream meant to help them! It didn’t fare much better on my legs and made them itch (which is one gross way to get rid of the dead skin but not the life I’m into).

Maybe I’m just allergic to something in this product or it isn’t right for my skin somehow but I will not be going near this product again in the future. It just didn’t work for me and I’m glad I just had a one use sachet to try rather than having invested in the actual product.

Have you used Aveeno Cream? If so how did you get on with it? Let me know in the comments below.

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