Shopping Haul: Bromley

They say variety is the spice of life but when it comes to going shopping and browsing that’s pretty difficult to do. Most high streets are just like the next and the stores and contents hardly vary unless you come across a quirky market stall or especially well stocked charity shop.

But going to the same stores in a different place is still pretty fun. Going to Bromley meant taking a trip on a bus I’ve never used before. On the way there we went through some magnificent places and at one point down a hill with the most beautiful of views. It did result in me getting some fairly strong house envy though as various ones looked incredible and have everything I miss and dream of.

After arriving in Bromley I got far too excited at seeing a Wilkos. I grew up in Yorkshire where there is one in basically every town but in London they are more scattered around. Sadly I can’t justify buying any more items for the flat as it is already full to the brim of things we don’t really need or use (seriously guys the clear out is never ending). Though there was some pretty neat looking bed sheets and covers in there, as always, so perhaps in the near future I can get a delightful homely treat as there’s nothing better than fresh brand new bedding.

The make-up and nail varnish section of the Bromley TK Maxx is probably the best one I have ever seen in terms of brands and products. So often though the seals are broken and you can see people have swatched them so I always get put off a bit and hope one day I will find something amazing in great condition.

The Body Shop

I just couldn’t resist going into The Body Shop. They had a sale on and I absolutely love all of their products as they smell amazing, work super well and are of course are packed with other positives too. I’m also an o2 customer so my extra 40% off through o2 priorities was calling out to me from my phone. Who doesn’t love a bargain on top of a sale for products they love?

I went in and got asked if there was anything I could be helped with and I went on to explain about my elbow woes. The woman was super helpful and suggested an oil followed by a sugar scrub and said there were several in the sale section. She responded super quickly and seemed confident so I decided to follow her suggestion and went to have a look.


Once I had looked at all the individual products I spotted a bag that seemed to have both in and felt my luck had just come in. Lemon isn’t my first choice of The Body Shop scents but I wasn’t going to turn it down when it contained the things I wanted and a soap and shower gel! Especially with my o2 discount taking the price down to less than £10.


I’m also pretty obsessed with the packaging. I love things that are brightly coloured and vibrant as it really makes the product feel a lot more fresh and enjoyable to use. As we have creamy coloured walls everywhere I love being able to dot The Body Shop products around and see the odd burst of colour. Time will tell how well the method she suggested for my elbows actually worked but she did discourage me using more of my body butter on them because it’s probably an ineffective and more expensive way to try and tackle the problem. I love staff that try to save you money and actually do what is right by the customer rather than pushing for sales targets.


It’s alright guys I know what you’re thinking and I’m thinking it too.. maybe I have a small obsession with Superdrug and the brands and products it stocks. In my defense I went in this time to get some essentials but in trying to find what I wanted got a tiny bit sided tracked.


Hooray! I finally have some more facial wipes in my life. I’d ended up running out a while ago and my face has suffered at the hands of a face cloth and serious scrubing to remove my make-up at the end of the day. Not good. I tend to find that drugstore own brands work well for me as long as they are aimed at my type of skin and if you can get away with it then it makes sense to go cheaper for such an essential beauty kit item. Where it’s the winter and also I’m taking an array of new medication I decided to get the combination skin ones and the couple I’ve used work fantastically. They smell lightly of cucumber, are soothing and super effective at removing make-up including that often stubborn mascara.


If you follow me on instagram you might have realised I do my nails way more often than I should (I’ll probably do some blog posts about them at some point) and as a result I always need to have nail polish remover close to hand. I have a much better branded one to finish using, though it’ll probably be in my October Empties post in a few days, but I’ve found over the years polish remover is much of a muchness and it’s a lot more about general hand and nail aftercare than just using a good remover. This one costs the same as all the rest though so as it says nourishing I thought I should give my nails a helping hand.


I knew as soon as I stepped inside Superdrug I just wouldn’t be able to stop myself from walking out with at least one bit of make-up. I’ve eyed this Revolution 144 eyeshadow palette up since it came out but normally when I’ve checked in store I couldn’t find it or it was out of stock so when I walked past it my eyes lit up and I grabbed it immediately. I already love their eyeshadows as I have Celestial and Mountains of Gold and that’s pretty much where I first fell in love with the brand (I got them and their Focus and Fix eye primer back around Easter) and find their eye products a lot better than the lip products that I have so this was always on my wish list. Besides it was still on offer in Superdrug for £10 instead of £20 so it was an absolute no brainer.


These eyeshadows are just as good as the ones I already owned. They are amazing to apply, feel so good on the eyelids and are incredibly pigmented. There’s a range of warm and cool tones in the palette and it really ticks all the boxes for me and for a wide variety of occasions too. I thank the make-up gods for gifting me with this product the day before halloween, they obviously decided I deserved a treat.

So not the biggest haul in the world but it’s certainly one that has put a huge grin on my face and will keep me going for a while. I wonder which eyeshadow I will end up hitting pan on first.

2 thoughts on “Shopping Haul: Bromley

  1. Gosh, I saw that eyeshadow palette when I was last in Superdrug. I was sorely tempted but I am not allowed to buy any more eyeshadow until I’ve used up what I already have.


    • I don’t have that many eye shadows and I’m close to hitting pan on a couple of my go to four shade palettes so I could kind of justify it. It is so difficult to not go into a shop and buy more though and now I have this I really need to force myself to avoid the eyeshadow section!


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