Avon’s 24k Gold Lipgloss in Ruby Lustre

Alright guys this is the end of the road for the lip product reviews. Any more reviews will hopefully be more up to date and exciting products. Of you want to relive the journey from the beginning then click here.

Avon’s 24k Gold Lipgloss in Ruby Lustre


I hoped when I got this product they would make the packaging a little more wow and give it that added snazzy factor to go with the 24k gold name but they obviously decided that wouldn’t be needed. For me though when a product has a name like that it suggests great things and wonderful sparkling delights that would be fit for the greatest of people but looking at the packaging it’s just so run of the mill that it’s impossible to get excited about it.

If you move the tube around enough you can see all the glimmers of gold inside and it becomes obvious that the product is much more suitable at a party than in any other environment and having it in a sturdy simple tube suddenly makes a lot more sense if you’re just going to be stuffing it into a clutch bag with 100 other things.


This lipgloss is just an absolute mess. It finds its way into every line and runs along them to leave you looking like an over enthusiastic spaghetti bolognese eater which at a party or special occasion is even more of a disaster than normal.

But in the mirror it doesn’t even look that full of sparkle and golden charm and jusy instead gives the impression of extra glossy and perhaps fuller lips. Which given the way the product is introduced is a massive let down and in fact the only time the glitter appears is when you go to take it all off at the end of the night. Good luck not ending up with glitter around your chops the day after.

I honestly don’t think I can express my disappointment at this product enough. It’s a one out of five from me and instead of calling it ruby lustre I wish they’d called it lack lustre. Blerg what an awful purchase.

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