Avon’s Plump Pout Lipgloss

Regular readers I promise the end is near for this lip product review series. If you want some information on it then click here.

Avon’s Plump Pout Lipgloss


I can’t help but be nervous with a product that claims to plump and help produce a pout. So often they end up being the wrong shade or just making the lips look a funny shape. And when this one gets opened up and it smells a little minty it doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.


Despite all my reservations though I actually love this lipgloss. It isn’t overpowering on how much it plumps and doesn’t tingle anywhere near as much as some plumping products. It also doesn’t make my lips look unnatural in the way that it plumps which is always comforting as to me a lipgloss is just a quick on the go fix.

The shade could also have easily gone either way in if it suited my lips or drowned them out but the pigments in this particular gloss seem to work really for me. It also feels really moisturising and soft without being sticky or oily.

I find that it really works for me apart from the initial smell. The packaging isn’t too fancy but if a product does the job like this one I can handle that. It doesn’t wow me like a lipstick but it has a completely different purpose I think and they aren’t comparable so it gets a three and a half out of five from me.

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