Benefit’s Benebalm

So I thought I’d sort of break the trend from doing lipstick reviews to talk about Benefit’s Benebalm a bit more.

I touched the surface when discussing the Do The Hoola kit but thought I’d use my general lip product recent chats to go into it a little more.

Benefit’s Benebalm


As this came in the Do The Hoola kit it isn’t the full size version but I can tell this is going to last so long.

I mainly think it will last me a fair while because I can only imagine using it on my lips. It can on theory be used on the cheeks as a stain to add a touch of colour but the texture doesn’t make that feel right to me. It feels very much like a moisturising Chapstick or Lip Smacker and putting that on my cheeks just really doesn’t appeal. It feels amazing on the lips though and I love using this product whenever I can find a suitable chance.


When I look in the mirror it feels like I have a clear and super shiny lipgloss on rather than a simple balm stick like this one. It claims to have a tint of red in it but that really just doesn’t come out on my lips and I find the pigmentation a little disappointing. Sometimes you just want really good lipcare but want to add a bit of life to your face and this really doesn’t do that for me.

It lasts so much longer than any other of my lipcare products though and the creamy moisturising element just keeps on going. It’s great, especially when out and about, to not feel the need to keep reapplying. I’m so bad in autumn and winter at wanting my lips to constantly be protected so being able to feel the Benebalm still there is brilliant for me.

I can’t imagine purchasing the full sized product. Not because I don’t love it (because I do) but because I can’t use it for both of the intended purposes. I’m also not convinced that applying it less during the day really makes up for the price and I’d rather stick an spf £1 Chapstick on my lips a few times a day than splurge the money on this.

I like it but I could love it so much more and somebody with paler lips or able to handle putting more textures and things on their face will probably love it. I understand the hype but can’t get my own head around it.

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