Avon’s Carnation Lipstick

That’s right guys, it’s time for another lipstick review. If you don’t already know what I’m upto then click here. If you do know then I’m surprised you’re even reading this paragraph.

Avon’s Carnation Lipstick


Whenever I hear the word carnation I always think of the flowers. They are so simple and yet so beautiful and constantly unique. So when a lipstick calls itself that I imagine great pretty things and that I’ll feel like the prettiest flower around after applying it.


Perhaps unsurprisingly it didn’t live up to my expectations (most things rarely do) and I wasn’t just disppointed in it but close to being disgusted in it. The shade on me just doesn’t do my lip shape any favours and when I looked in the mirror I thought I had swollen lips (I didn’t it was just this awful shade).

The texture is very much of a muchness when compared alongside other Avon products and applying it feels nice and smooth but that cannot be enough to forgive the final appearance.

One and a half out of five for this little lipstick. I’m sure the shade looks more than good on the right lips and skin tone but for me it really hasn’t hit the mark.

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