Encouraging Thunder Award

Ah Glitterglosglo nominated me for the Encouraging Thunder Award and this one super interests me and I love reading posts by other people on this award.


The rules:
Thank the person the nominated you.
Include the logo in the post.
Answer the topic.
Nominate other people (but as always if you want to be nominated just let me know and I’ll tag you in).

So the topic is ‘my purpose of blogging’ which excited me to write about but I’m also scared it’s going to end up all jumbled (hopefully not though).

Why I blog?

I’ve blogged on loads of different sites since I was 15/16 but never really stuck with it. I always doubted my ability to write and struggled to stay focussed on keeping it up to date.

But I blog now as a way to escape the world for a little while. It’s my chance to focus on the positives in my life as there are quite a few issues getting me down outside my ‘perfect blogging bubble’. It also helps me to appreciate those good things and the nice things that I do. I struggle to keep a diary but I guess in some ways doing reviews and discussing a particular day is kind of diary like.

I’ve done a lot of journalism over the time I’ve been blogging as well but at present I can’t really do that so keeping my feet in the writing world through this blog is important to me on many levels.

Also I blog because I want to be part of the community. So many people in the blogging community are friendly, responsive and involving and that’s just great. I don’t get to see many people in real life so having a couple of comments bounce around with other people is really nice (it isn’t the same but it’s better than sitting here alone!).

If you read my posts or even just browse through recent content you’ll probably have realised I don’t really have ‘new’ things to review or anything that exciting to discuss. I just write about things that I like and hope that a few people will be interested and if I get hold of something new or exciting then it’s a bonus for everybody!


I guess I just want to follow my dreams and blogging is a way of me getting there.
I want to get back to good mental health and blogging helps with that and provides structure.
Keeping my toes dipped in writing means that if I get the chance to return to the journalism world it will be less scary.
It means when I get nice things or go to lovely places I can share it in the blogging community, pass on some wisdom and remember it in the future (especially if I have a bit of a wobble).

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