Avon’s Pout Lipstick

Hi lovelies. It’s time for another lipstick review. If you don’t already know what I’m upto then click here. If you do know then I’m sorry to keep on reminding you about that post.

Avon’s Pout Lipstick


There’s something comforting about a lipstick that calls itself pout. Mentally it creates the vision of it giving you fuller lips and yet keeping them looking natural. Of course it claims no such thing and is just a name that they plucked out of the air one day so it’s setting itself up for a bit of a fall really.


Not only does it not look great on me it doesn’t apply as well as most of this Avon range does. It doesn’t feel quite as moisturising or gentle as the others do and it isn’t down to storage or anything because I checked.

But I just don’t quite dig the colour. It isn’t super bright and varied like Bratz lips used to be but it does look really silly and unnatural on the lips. I can’t imagine this particular shade suiting most people and know nobody that I could give it away to.

It’s such a massive disappointment and it has to get a one and a half out of five. I mean I have a pretty pale face and this still manages to wash me out and look lighter than I am. Reminds me of the time somebody put concealer on their lips instead of lipstick at school. Blerg.

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