Amira Rice

That’s right guys you read the title right I said rice. And no I’m not in on some secret beauty, fashion or lifestyle trick involving rice that you’ve never heard of I do mean the stuff you can eat.

A few weeks ago during National Curry Week Amira liked one of my posts on Instagram from nearly a year ago. I shuffled off to check out their account (I do this with most of the people that like a post) but mainly out of surprise at them hunting out an old snap.

Anyway before I knew it I was offered some rice to sample. They claim the rice is longer than usual basmati rice and on the website they say they are used by the top chefs. I wondered if there was actually a way top chefs just worked better with the rice and that when I tried I wouldn’t do it justice or notice a difference compared to discount brands.


By the time it arrived in the post it had pretty much escaped my memory and it turns out this is what I could have got from the door on the day I got stuck in the bathroom.


I was a bit disappointed because when I sent the email I said if they could provide me with some pieces of information either in an email or inside the package that would be great. I wanted to be able to share a little more information about the company and their products with you but they haven’t done either yet (the whole reason this happened is because I said I hadn’t seen it for sale anywhere and asked where it could be purchased – without googling I still haven’t got the answer).


The packaging is amazing and certainly strikes across the idea of elegance and top quality dining. It’s so golden and smooth that you would expect a rare treat to be hidden inside not such a basic as rice.

They sent me two types of rice. The first being the longer grained Superior Basmati and the second being a traditionally aged for 18 months Pure Basmati. I could understand that the second one is about quality and the skill involved in working with the rice for so long but I was really dubious about how superior the Superior Basmati would actually turn out to be.


I’m the sort of person that has been known to just have steamed rice one mealtime because I’ve wanted to avoid going to the shop or spending more money on food. For me rice is one of those things that I can just eat as it is. Some people can have plain bread, toast, potatoes or pasta but for me the thing I like to be plain and simple the most is rice.

Amira’s claims about the length of this rice are very true and the grains are certainly the longest I have ever seen. Not only do they produce on length but on cooking (following their recommended proportions of rice to water) the rice goes incredibly fluffy. It feels like stepping onto a cloud and eating a little piece of it – pure heaven.

Since cooking with it for the first time I am trying super hard to bring it into a few more meals and seeing if I can justify steaming some for lunch just for little me in the coming few days.

This rice has taught me that rice isn’t just rice and that there can actually be incredible differences between basic and quality rice. And after doing my research I know that if I want to pick up some more I can find it in Waitrose and Morrisons. Other Amira products are also available in Tesco and Asda but these two products seem unavailable at the minute. For 1kg the current retail price is £4.79 in Waitrose but other supermarkets have recently had them discounted to £3 (still a tear provoking five times more expense than the own brand stuff though).

I love this rice though and am finding it a great delight to cook with and eat. If you fancy bringing a hint of top restaurants into your home then this is one way to go about it.

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