Avon’s Extra Lasting Rose Cherie Lipstick

Missed why I’m reviewing all my lip products regardless of if they are old or even sold anymore then click here. Otherwise get cracking with giving this a read.

Avon’s Extra Lasting Rose Cherie Lipstick

I’m pretty sure this product is called Rose Cherie but it could actually be Rose Cherrie. They didn’t exactly make it easy for me to be able to read the label. And when I go to look on the Avon website for it I just get directed to traditional extra lasting lipsticks.


This is probably my absolute favourite go to product that I’ve had for far too long. There are some products that just feel good and make you feel confident and okay with the world and for me this is one of them.


And as the image suggests I’m pretty close to running out as that’s all that I have left in this beautiful little stick. I’m calling it a lipstick but I don’t really know if that’s the technical name but as it is a product for the lips, like a lipstick and comes in a stick that’s the name I shall give it.


As well as this being so soft and creamy without that buttery texture it just feels great to apply. Throughout having it because of it being in the shape and container it is even if it stops being on a slant it doesn’t become too big and difficult to apply on the lips neatly, quickly and cleanly. This is completely the opposite of the eye products they had that came in these containers and were so difficult to apply and do so nicely that even I got frustrated by how messy it looked.

For me I find the colour to be the main thing that seals the deal with this product. It isn’t too bright a red and if you are having a fairly natural make-up day adds a nice amount of added something to the face instead of a natural lipstick.

It certainly stays put on the lips for most of the day and the main reason I touch it up is just because it feels so moisturising on my lips. So if it is the winter and my lips have been battered by the wind I sometimes feel they just need that extra little later of love.

For me this probably equal to the Chanel lipstick I reviewed recently. The Chanel one wins on several levels but I love this one too and it therefore also gets five out of five. It really saddens me that I can’t buy an exact replacement of this so if somebody knows of a similar product and shade then please comment in the box below.

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