Avon’s Nude Perfection Lipstick

Alright guys so it’s yet another lipstick review. If you don’t already know click here. If you do know then I’m sorry to keep on reminding you about that post.

Avon’s Nude Perfection Lipstick


Comparing this lipstick to the rest of them I’ve shown I’m guessing you’re thinking this is my favourite lipstick. Well you would sort of be right but more that it was my favourite for ages but I think I’m moving away from it a little now. Moving on is always tough but sometimes it feels like it might be time.


I wouldn’t say this shade is my personal nude as it feels quite light whenever I see it in the mirror. But this lipstick that has moisture ribbons running through it is why I fear for the rose ribbons lipstick the further down with that I get. It used to be that little bit darker and was actually fantastic as it suited me so well. Now I feel a bit like a casual Barbie or something which I’m sure can be a great look but not on me.

The texture and feel of the lipstick is still amazingly creamy and easy to apply. It’s really hard to tell if this shade bleeds out but from what I can tell you can easily get away with it just as it is. However it doesn’t settle on the lips very well and you can have a drink or kiss anybody or the back of your hand hours later and it still comes off. It’s something you feel you need to reapply as it has come off but it’s a vicious circle of application. It’s perhaps a little too moisturising now we are nearer the bottom.

This used to be my five out of five but now it’s just a three and a half out of five that will no doubt continue to fall down the rankings.

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