Bourjois Smoky Stories Eyeshadow Quads

If you read my blog posts regularly you’ve probably picked up on the fact that I struggle with mental health issues quite a lot and I try to focus myself on cute, pretty and simple things. I know what you’re thinking right now “why is she saying all this stuff before a review” but the reason is because sometimes little things happen that provide a welcome pick me up.

A while ago I instagrammed getting hold of the Bourjois Smoky Stories quad in Rock This Khaki, how I was trying to figure it all out and how I absolutely loved the formula. Then a couple of weeks ago an amazing friend, Lisa, that writes at The Beauty Type said she had a few of the others hanging around and she could send them across to me if I wanted. What an absolute star!


And before I knew it I had this great little package being handed over to me by my fabulous postman. Though I have decided he is a Crystal Palace fan and trying to become a Joe Ledley looklike as his beard is getting rather out of control. I naturally just couldn’t wait to give them a try and see how they looked on me.


So what are the main things I found out about the Bourjois Smoky Stories collection as a whole and these four quads specifically?

Firstly I absolutely adore the packaging. They feel so sturdy and proper as if nothing is going to come between you and the perfect eyeshadow day. It’s just so great when companies do different things instead of one circle of shade after another in a long length palette/tin.

Also whilst I’m still getting used to the glittery shadow provided in the middle of each quad they are fabulous. Applying them with any of the brushes and applicators I’ve tried has still resulted in it trickling off down the side of my nose. I’m thinking next time of trying a small amount of vaseline on the corner before applying this to give it something to stick to.

They are so creamy and lovely in texture. I love it when things are easy and smooth to apply as it means getting it even and how you want quickly is a lot more likely. Ones where I have to work with it or be super careful just aren’t compatible with my clumsy nature.

Rock This Khaki – Bottom Left

This quad is great for me whatever colour my eyes are. I’m one of those people that seem to have pupils that react to my mood, my eating and even the weather. Sometimes they are grey or blue or sort of green. It’s partly a trick of the light but people do notice it sometimes and comment on it. And whilst these shades are technically for all using in combination these are all able to be used alone (even the base colour which, as in all the quads is technically a primer for 12 hour application, is pigmented enough for it to be noticable against my complexion).

Over Rose – Top Left

This is probably the hardest colour for me to apply so it is obviously applied. I tend to think I have quite small eyelids and also I have really obvious veins as well. Whilst the lightest shade is a primer I have to use my actual liquid primer underneath to smoothen everything out first. Luckily that doesn’t seem to alter application. I normally love natural and neutral tones but I need to really build this up as the pigmentation doesn’t seem too strong in this quad. If I have plenty of time to apply it (which I usually do) then I can get this to work well and suit my look for the day.

I Love Blue – Top Right

I don’t know about anybody else but blue eyeshadow is always something I look at a bit with terror. Bright blue is fine (although a lot of people wear it and I’m no expect but most of them shouldn’t) and some people can absolutely rock it (I’m not one of those people) but duller blues are a bit concerning. The first time I ever tried to apply a paler blue and layer it up I looked like I’d gone 10 rounds with Tyson. Not good. Not good at all. But this shade sort of avoids that look. It applies quite darkly on me but doesn’t give the ‘recovering bruise’ impression and when I manage to layer it all up right actually looks like a lovely cool wintery blue. I just need to work on the layering a bit more but otherwise I love this quad as well!

Good Nude – Bottom Right

Ah this one is my idea of daily heaven. Brown/neutral/natural tones are my daily go to staple so being able to layer it up and then in the evening add a cheeky little bit of sparkle seemed perfect. The first time I applied it though I may have been a bit heavy handed and ended up looking rather grubby eyed (ops!) but at least that means it has great pigmentation! This is brilliant though and I’m in love.

There are a total of eight quads in the range varying from grey to a vibrant purple. They all look amazing and if you need a smoky eye look these are serious things to consider.

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