Avon’s Apricot Mystery Lipstick

Not sure on why I’m chatting about an old, and in this case limited edition, lipstick? You need to check out here.

Avon’s Apricot Mystery Lipstick


Why is that so often the colour of the stick isn’t what appears on our lips or on our skin when we do a swatch? The name of this makes me think a light but noticable shade of orange is going to be present but in the stick it just looks like another pinky hue.


But I’m wrong. I’m always wrong. Bang this shade on my lips and I feel like if I open my mouth a scene from James and the Giant Peach will commence. Alright it isn’t as orange as a pumpkin and some of those range lipsticks kicking around at the minute but this is more than enough for me. I’ve tried it with some many different clothes and make-up looks but it just doesn’t scream ‘me’ but then again no orange item has ever suited me so this was obviously never going to be.

I still feel exactly the same about it now as when I first got it. The texture is still a little grainy but overly buttery. It kind of makes me think of eating garlic bread whilst slightly drunk and getting it around your mouth. Loveeellyyy.

It’s probably the worst Avon product I have ever used but I guess they could always get away with lower quality after calling it a limited edition. I like the packaging more though as they use a purple strip instead of silver to signify its importance. Two out of five for this little stick of colour.

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