Avon’s Rose Ribbons Lipstick

That’s right guys I’m still here chatting old lipsticks. I promise it’s nearly over though. Backstory of this whole saga can be found here.

Avon’s Rose Ribbons Lipstick


I absolutely adore looking at this range of lipsticks. There is something oddly relaxing about looking at the various tones in this product and, if you’re a regular reader you’ll already know, I’m a big fan of the little fascinating things. Though it does massively concern me because the further down I go the lighter this shade is going to become and maybe that will be a good thing but maybe it’ll just end up horrible and make me a little sad.

This is by far the best textured Avon lipstick that I own but they don’t seem to sell this SPF 15 beauty anymore. I think the combination of tones meant they had to focus a little more on making them work together. Either way this isn’t grainy or overly buttery and it dries really well and fairly quickly without leaving the lips dry after a long day.


This is one of those products I ended up with whilst selling Avon and at the time, I was 16/17 and had to leave before 7am to get to college for 10am so never cared for sorting my face out, I really could never imagine myself wearing this. But over time I have grown to love the colour it produces when applied to my lips and it isn’t ‘too much’. With the right make-up this easily becomes a casual, fancy, day or evening shade and because of that and the quality formula it’s now one of my current go to shades.

It does need to be reapplied a couple of times if you want to wear it all day. It isn’t as good as some brands that withstand my tea guzzling and clumsy eating habits but it doesn’t just vanish for no reason. Originally it would have got a lowly three of five from me but a couple of years on it gets a four and a half out of five. I love this product so much.

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