Shopping Haul: Tooting

As mentioned yesterday I recently went on a trip back to Tooting where I used to live and love walking around. Besides being excited to return to the area for the atmosphere and general comforting feeling I knew that a Superdrug had recently opened there and it was the perfect time to bat my eyelashes at my partner and get a few things.

The thing is I went in there and completely blanked. I needed face wipes and more nail polish remover but didn’t even look at either section. By the time I got there and when in I was feeling pretty stressed and was just completely unable to think or enjoy having a browse. I had so many things in my mind that I wanted but I just couldn’t pull myself to look.

TK Maxx was a complete failure and barely had anything worth me even glancing at let alone me taking off the rack or shelf to have a closer look and I came away empty handed from there.

And the charity shops I went into generally lacked almost anything of interest though I did come away with a jumper (that I question the odd sizing mwasurements of) and a lemon squeezer (we have so much stuff in the kitchen but it wasn’t until recently when I had to squeeze large oranges by hand I realised that was one thing we lacked).

My attempt at a make-up haul ended in four items and I’m still pretty grumpy about it now.

Collection long lasting matte effect top coat nail varnish


I have a lot of old nails varnishes that were calling out for a top coat to have a chance of lasting more than a day or two but as I had avoided going to town or even browsing online I was short on any form of top coat. But all my nail varnishes are also insanely shiny and at the minute that just will not do (at least having a matte colour that is no longer in fashion is better than an out of fashion shiny polish) and I thought I might aswell combine them by getting a matte top coat instead of a lot of matte varnishes (though if I had the money I would be all over them).


I just did one nail to try this amazing sounding product out which is why it is an awful mess and hasn’t been touched up. I started with a Barry M Nail Paint 303 in Bright Purple (creative name there) which is in the top image and then I put a layer of the top coat on and that’s in the bottom image. I feel a bit bad here because Barry M also do a matte top coat finish but it cost an extra £1 or £1.50 and whilst it would have fitted in on my shelves better I was just looking for cheap.

One of the things I feared was if it would be one of those top coats that make the bottom layer wet and end up staining the brush that colour but with this that didn’t happen. But the product does need a little working with and you have to have quite a lot on the brush to get it onto the nail well so no heavy hands are wanted here. It’s one of those top coats that take a little while to dry but as it does it completely changes colour and appearance in front of your very eyes.


Sadly it works really badly with already dark shades. It was barely able to stop this Avon blue being shiny and it literally took forever to dry (after 15 minutes I gave up waiting). This could just be the formula of nail varnish underneath but I’m not too convinced.

This is literally amazing on brighter shades but sucks on darker ones and will really help to turn those nail varnishes into something a little bit more on trend and hopefully make them last longer too. Four out of five. I think I’m in love.

MUA’s Mystic Marsala matte lipstick


I was really dubious about getting a matte lipstick after some comments online about them being dry to the lips and hard to apply.

When I applied this lipstick the first few moments were really challenging but then it started to apply like any other cheapish lipstick would. It also wasn’t too dry to work with and I was able to transfer it from the bottom to top lip in the usual lip pursing way. Even after it had reached an appearance of matte on my lips it still felt a little moist and comforting on the lips.

I also love the colour and it is very much something I could wear on a daily basis when just popping to do some food shopping or to the doctors or something. It’s really hard to compare to all my other lip products with it having a different finish but I think this gets a four out of five.

Makeup Revolution’s Rebel With Cause matte lipstick


I never thought purple could suit me on the lips but I adore purple so much and I just felt that I had to give it a try (especially with the cost). It was actually a lot less noticable when applied to my lips though and felt that whichever way the light caught it the shade was one I would be able to get away with in most situations.

Much like the MUA lipstick it applied evenly and didn’t feel dry on the lips but looked matte in front of the mirror. It’s so good to be able to wear something cheap and ontrend in the winter without it ruining you for days or weeks afterwards. I’d still be sure to apply a lip care product after removing this but it doesn’t seem as important as you might expect from looking at it. This gets a four out of five as well.

Makeup Revolution’s Salvation Velvet in Rebel Velvet lip lacquer


When I went into the store this is the first thing my eyes zoomed in on. People have raved about so many different brands doing a liquid lip product that dries matte and it seemed like the perfect idea.

Most people have also said the liquid ones are a lot more caring for the lips and feel full of moisture despite looking ever so matte. Clearly these people have never tried this product! It is the most dry piece of makeup I have ever experienced. Applying it felt good when it was wet and then it started to dry and reminded me of coating myself in PVA glue as a child in school.

I can certainly give it credit for defining itself as long lasting. I had swatched it on my arm and trying to get it off in the bath took a bit of work but I moved that thought from my mind and just considered it was tough because it wasn’t meant to be applied on my arm. Well that was nothing to trying to get it off of my lips. Never have I felt in quite so much pain on my lips before. If anybody has ever painted a room and got a bit of varnish on them then they’ll understand when I say getting this off my lips was like that. By the end of it they were raw. I put three amounts of lipcare on in an hour and they were still dry and suffering.

I love the colour and the look that it provides me with but it made me feel like a mobile phone dunked into salt having all the moisture sucked out of me. So painful. I guess that’s the price we pay to look and feel good about ourselves. One and a half out of five.

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