Barry M’s No 2 Lip Lacquer Crayon

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Barry M’s No 2 Lip Lacquer Pencil


I adore this crayon. It applies really smoothly which surprised me given the fact it has so much glitter included in the product.

The whole reason I got this was because of going to a club night that encouraged glitter and all things sparkles. Buying this was a lot cheaper and a much more flexible alternative to going out trying to find a sparkly top or something in what was then the middle of summer 2013 (geesh time flies). And at the time I thought I could always repurpose it towards Christmas/New Year events.


This product is very high shine at the end so I need to wait until that comes back into fashion again. The picture of it on my lips doesn’t do it complete justice and when I move my head around in the light it shimmers a lot more.

The glitter makes the product a lot more intense in colour and that’s what makes this so great. Using red glitter in a red lip product is pretty obvious stuff but a rare thing. Though it does make me a little nervous about sharpening it because I can imagine a sharpened shard of glitter might hurt a little.


This is a great product and a fantastic range. Despite it not being matte and off trend I would still wear this in very specific party situations at the minute. It applies so well, feels fantastic and lasts well so I’d give it a four and a half out of five.

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