Reveal the beauty

It’s quite amusing what you find when sorting through what you own or trying to tidy up what has become an unmanagable stack of random items.

I finally decided ot was time to tackle all my art stuff and bring it into a more organised manner instead of being sprawled across three different places with no clear system of knowing where certain things would be.

On sorting through it all I found a couple of those pieces of cardboard that are covered in ink and you scrap it away following a pattern to reveal something underneath.


Firstly I found this already completed design with the most striking colours underneath. I think I did this when I lived in a studio flat by myself and spent most of the time bored senseless and needing something to do. I absolutely love it because of the colours and the pattern. Although it doesn’t involve taking that much time or requiring too much precision they still help give me focus in the same way as most art does.


I also found this unstarted Reeves scraperfoil and pretty much immediately stopped sorting through my stuff and went about removing the top coat (most things are far more exciting that organising and tidying after all). This one involved a little more precision and care when doing it as there was a lot of small lines and detailing but it still only took a couple of hours to complete. This one is obviously a lot more grown-up and feels a lot more elegant than the coloured butterfly.


I remember getting them both at different times when they were massively discounted. I love doing them (despite the mess that they tend to create with bits of dry ink everywhere) but they never take very long and at full price I find them to be far from good value for money. I’d give them both a three and a half out of five but given the other art products out there I feel giving anymore would be a bit harsh (though if a bigger and even more detailed one exosts point me in its direction and I will reconsider).

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