Chanel’s Rouge Allure Velvet 37 L’Exuberante Lipstick

This is my third lipstick review so if you want additional background that was provided in the first post then click here otherwise I hope you enjoy.

Chanel’s Rouge Allure Velvet 37 L’Exuberante Lipstick


I remember when I came across this lipstick. It was at the back of a drawer completely unopened and unused. It’s a long story as to how it got there and how I ended up with it for free so I shall not bore you with the details.

But it was the best thing I have ever found in a drawer. Sometimes I find the odd £1 coin that has slipped away or an unopened and in-date bar of chocolate but never anything quite as fancy and perfect as this.

And I’ll happily admit I just played around with the packaging for ages. If you haven’t used these lipsticks before then you might not know that you have to push them in and then the pop out. Far more exciting and dramatic than just pulling a lid off. After that I obviously got stuck on how shiny the gold bit was before eventually revealing the colour.

Damn. On revealing the colour I was not impressed. I’m the most plain Jane girl you could think of. But eventually I came around to the idea of giving it a try and thought that if nothing else I could just wear it around the house and look like a clown away from the views of others.


I have never applied such a creamy textured lipstick. In that moment of applying this lipstick I felt like I was being carried off to heaven. The title mentions velvet and it is like that. If you want somebody to feel like a goddess then get them this collection or point them strongly towards it.

I feared that it would bleed out though and that it would slowly fade away but be left in the deeper lines of my lips. And the more expensive something is the less times you want to apply it in a day because you want to make it last longer (right?).


But have no fear with this lipstick here! It lost its shine but it still looks fine.
I promise to never do that poem sort of thing again but I will point out that the reason it lost its shine is because this is technically a matte lipstick. That’s right. It loses that initial shine and becomes bang on trend.

People on my instagram seem amazed by the colour and a few said it suits me. Looking at this picture I am more won over by it than in real life. But it seems to be on trend with the pop art style and I guess I need to get a bit more bold and daring.

Without a doubt this gets five out of five from me. I think I’m in love with a lipstick and might need help (don’t tell my partner!). There are so many more in the collection that I desire but at £26 a pop I might be waiting a while.

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