Drink Up!

Until I looked through the pictures saved on my phone I didn’t realise I seem to have a cup or mug for every daily drinking situation (no wonder there is always so much washing up).

As well as having something for every daily situation I’m also a hoarder of wine, spirit and cocktail glasses and have pretty much any required glass to match the drink. Thinking about it I suddenly understand why everything doesn’t fit in the kitchen cupboards.


I have four mugs in the cupboard. FOUR. Who on earth needs four mugs? In fact we have loads more ‘guest’ mugs too (but guests are a rare thing). I really want to get one of those mug tree racks so they can all sit close to hand near the kettle and free up a bit of cupboard room.

The Pride and Predjudice mug is my favourite because a) I love books and have far too many Penguin and Penguin Classics books b) my partner got it for me several years ago and he was so proud of himself for figuring out it was my sort of thing and c) it is thick and durable. Having a mug and handle you can hold onto and accidently chink on things without fear of it breaking is such a comfort.


With autumn in full swing and winter on the way I decided it was time to get Monty and Mabel (from the John Lewis advert) back out and into frequent use. Penguins are one of my favourite animals and nobody would bat an eyelid if I used this all year round but it is slightly more fragile in mug terms and that makes me a little nervous.


I normally only use mugs for milky tea and hot chocolate as I wanted to limit my consumption more. I don’t like coffee so there’s never any of that around. But when I want green tea or a herby or fruity tea I tend to bring out my travel cup (which as I never go anywhere is an everyday in the house item). It keeps my tea warm for ages, I love the pattern so much and it is great to hold to keep my hands warm without burning them. This is the thing I probably drink most of my hot drinks out of as it means I get extra liquid into my body to stay hydrated without jumping up and down for a refill every two minutes.


So I know drinking water through a straw allows more air into your body and can bloat you up but I have never been that keen on putting my lips around a plastic or glass cup for some water. It took a while to persude my partner to allow me to get this soda cup from Sainsburys recently but as it was only £3.50 and I kept pointing out the twirly straw he conceded defeat. Even when I put squash in it the straw is still noticable. One of my favourite recent purchases.


If I have to use a glass (say my soda cup is being washed up) for water or some juice (which I carefully portion out) I’ll use this Crystal Palace Beer Festival pint glass. I love the design, it reminds me of the event and it is really thick in terms of pint glasses. I absolutely love this and before my soda cup I relied on this glass so very much and would be reluctant to let it out of my sight.

Despite having so many glasses, cups and mugs I keep seeing new ones I would love to purchase and keep saving them as tabs online or folding pages over in booklets. I just love tea, water and squash too much what can I say.

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