Avon’s Colortrend Winter Wine Lipstick

If you didn’t read my recent blog then you might want to give it a quick browse to put this post into perspective.

Avon’s Colortrend Winter Wine Lipstick


When I found this lipstick out to arrange them all to be in one place it seemed to be just perfect timing. With a name like Winter Wine I was hoping for a dark red that reminded me of spiced mulled wine on the lead up to Christmas at Winter Wonderland.

It was a little brighter than I was expecting it to be (I had totally forgotten what it looked like) but looking in the mirror it still felt like a shade I could wear on these colder days and I didn’t feel like a complete clown.


I feel that this one applies a little better than the other colortrend lipstick that I own and that it also stays on longer with less reapplying needing. It isn’t a moist mixture so it doesn’t tend to bleed out and onto the skin but it does dry the lips out a little and I’d be sure to recommend putting lipcare on before using this product and after taking it off.

This lipstick gets a three and a half out of five for me. It is drier than the other one I own but the colour is better and it lasts a little longer. Still it isn’t fantastic and the price reflected that at the time (it is no longer produced or for sale).

One thought on “Avon’s Colortrend Winter Wine Lipstick

  1. I used to buy Avon winter wine lipstick all the time I loved it then they stopped it eversince honsley I have been trying to find one the same


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