Mr Kipling’s Manor House Cake

I normally know what to expect from a cake. If something claims to be light with a bit of fruit I can imagine how I expect it to be. To me it just sounds like a bit of an excuse for putting less fruit in because everybody wants a light fruit cake.


We got given this one by my partner’s Nan. It isn’t the sort of cake I would normally consider if I went into a shop to get one but mainly because I tend to go for the wildest one or huff at the price and walk away. Getting this cake and it being something a little different was a real treat. No complaints about getting cake here.

And when you look at the image of the slice of cake on the box compared to the slogan of ‘lightly fruited’ it leaves a question of what they would class as a heavily fruited cake.


I wasn’t expecting the cake to be covered in sugar crystals. But if there are more crystals on top and the reason the cake is light is because it has less sugar inside then I’m all for the seemingly ‘added sugar’. It didn’t seem to add any real purpose on eating it though other than adding to the unhealthy (but delicious) nature of the cake.

On opening it I quickly realised this is an afternoon cake that you have a slice of with some tea or coffee whilst having a natter. Perfect for me as I’m home a lot during the day but not so much for my partner who, unless he takes some with him to work, can only have it in the evening.


I break all the cake cutting rules. I’ve known for years you are supposed to go all the way through and put the halves back together but I rarely can be bothered to do that. And on cutting this cake and the amount of crumbs it produced I realised no difference would be made. This cake could do with a dollop of ice cream with it (suddenly not a very afternoon type cake at all) as moisture is something it lacked.


And then, as always, the slice revealed there was less fruit in the cake than suggested on the box. If it had as much as is pictured then the moisture of the fruit would have been enough to make this cake just perfect to eat as it is. A sign that the companys economy drive and push for profits over the years has had a sad result on some of the products.

The cake in itself didn’t win me over but mainly because it didn’t live up to my expectations. With a bit of cream or ice cream this could easily be a four out of five but at present it can only reach a three of five. I think Mr Kipling and Co need to go back to the drawing board to see how they have changed this cake over time and how to bring back the promised pictured fruit and some added moisture.

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