Candle Love

There’s something unbelievably calming about just sitting and watch a candle melt away as the wick flickers around at every slight movement or breeze.

As for the scented ones they are often divine as they help to fill the air with a fresh, soft, gentle and friendly aroma that helps to soothe the brain and get thoughts back in order.


But recently I have lacked the chance to enjoy a scented candle and am instead running down a box of plain tealights that burn away inside Ikea lanterns and give much needed added light to the room. I also have some cheap tall candles from Tiger on the dining room table but they tend to melt in a way that causes them to collapse inwards and send the melted wax gushing down the sides.



I have a bunch of really nice candles in reserve that I simply want to have as display candles rather than actually use. There is something about there vibrant colours and little messages that I absolutely love. I got them from a store called Evolution back at the end of last year but they recently got forced out of business by less ethical organisations. Of course the messages have flaws and can be problematic if you choose to think about them in a deeper sense but I prefer to try and use them to motivate myself out of the hole I am currently in.

I have a long list of candles I desire and hope to attempt making my own at some point in the near future. It’s interesting how something that was once a life essential is still able to bring us so much added joy in our lives.

If anybody knows of cheap and good candles or candle making kits then let me know. I also seen the Yankee Candle Advent the other day and that (as well as a 100 other calendars) would be an absolute dream.

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